So Now They are Using the Federal Court to Attack Bloggers… Specifically… Me

by Scott Creighton

It’s apparently not enough to use Google and Facebook and Twitter and Youtube to attack people out here in blogland who dare ask questions and think for themselves. You know “fake news”

No, now they are going to start filing defamation lawsuits in federal court against certain writers and journalists in hopes that they can “refine ourselves as a country to avoid the worst.”

The “worst” meaning a repeat of 2016 when this individual’s candidate of choice lost to a candidate as weak as Donald Trump because folks like myself were writing about how corrupt and revolting she was.

I know this is their plan because I just got off the phone with a reporter from Reuters (yes, that Reuters) who interviewed me in connection with a federal lawsuit being filed against me (and others presumably). And yes, I asked her how she came to know about the lawsuit before it was even filed and she told me she was in contact with said individual and his lawyers and they gave her an early copy of the lawsuit.

I guess they wanted to waste no time getting the press behind them on this latest effort to attack free speech in America.

Everything in my article in question is supported by established fact with references, which said complainant doesn’t deny. My conclusions that I drew were clearly labeled as my opinion based on the evidence I presented. But still I wrote “could I be wrong? Yeah.” or something to that effect.

My little blog here has almost zero visibility and the video in question was erased by Youtube along with the rest of my channel.

This plaintiff argues that far-right racists and neo-Nazi websites have been harassing him and making death threats toward him as a result of work LIKE MINE on the internet since HE HIMSELF made himself a public figure a couple months ago. I certainly don’t condone such behavior, but I have NOTHING TO DO with neo-Nazi websites… except to call out the neo-Nazis we put in power in Ukraine maybe.

This guy wants to help do away with ‘conspiracy theory’ sites as he puts it… she calls them “fake news” and she asked me if I didn’t think it was a growing problem in this country. I told her “yeah. A million Iraqis died and so did 5,000 US soldiers as a consequence of ‘fake news’… Assad is constantly labeled a gasser of his own people and Gaddafi was said to “want” to bomb his own before he and 50,000 Libyans were killed because of fake news”

I don’t think she typed out that reply of mine.

Tomorrow this reporter is going to publish her article on Reuters website and we will see how she presents the interview and my responses. At one time as we were talking she said, well they don’t want to change the constitution (meaning the 1st amendment) and I replied to that “no. they just want to terrify people enough so they will censor themselves”

I doubt she reports that either.

When I find the article she writes I will respond to it at that time with more specifics. Funny how they got the complicit press ready to go before the lawsuit hits the judge’s desk ain’t it?

24 Responses

  1. This is revolting–and shocking.

    So, who is this plaintiff?

    • hi. can’t say this evening but I will discuss it tomorrow. Can’t say right now because honestly, all I have is an interview with someone who is making this claim as a third party. if she publishes tomorrow, i can then feel free to talk more about the specifics as it will be published in a “reputable” news source (if Reuters still qualifies for that)

  2. Are you convinced she is a reporter from Reuters and not someone sent to bully you thinking you scare easily? I guess we’ll know soon.

    Bright minds at work there. They may have said to each other: “We don’t like this guy’s site and we don’t want more people to visit it, so how about we make a big splash with a lawsuit and publicize it?”

    • yeah, I looked her up, she is legit. The article Lo lined us to from the Gateway Pundit involves the same lawsuit and the same writer, so, it’s confirmed. And yes, like I told her when she said “they” don’t want to re-write the 1st amendment (who did she mean by “they” I wonder), they don’t need to. “They” just have to frighten people into censoring themselves, which is what the “common sense gun control” is about and what the “13 Russians indictment” is about. It’s all part of the same thing… to get people to shut up on their own for fear of backlash it might bring.

  3. Take heart Scott, you’ve just won a small battle and the truth will eventually win the war.

    My instincts say that this tactic simply means they’re running scared more than ever.

    It also signals a last gasp effort on their part to maintain some semblance of control as their grip on the wheel steering this centuries old grand narrative unravels before our eyes.

    Hang in there…

    • they have been floating this idea for years, using litigation to silence dissent where-ever they can. Yeah, it is a last ditch effort because in many cases, unless it’s something completely out of line (like Tarpley saying the First Lady was a hooker) the courts generally rule on the side of freedom of the press.

      • Your comment reveals naivete about the reality of the courts. The judiciary has been subverted and taken over by organized crime as much as, if not more completely than, the rest of our institutions–and is the scariest takeover, because it is the most powerful. Courts are used as an instrument to strip people of their assets. Published opinions make it appear that they are upholding the law, and the judges are neutral and ethical; but most decisions from courts are NOT published; the opinions they issue do NOT adhere to the law; and the judges are NOT ethical. They are paid off by your opponents.

        Do not answer your doorbell, Scott, and park your car somewhere else. That’s my advice, as a lawyer with long experience with the criminal enterprise known as the judicial system.

  4. How do you know that this person even works for Reuters? I’m surprised you were even willing to do this phone interview in the first place. Might just be an effort at intimidation. Did they send you a copy, via e-mail, of said lawsuit, which they supposedly got a copy of? If not, this is likely bogus. No lawyer in their right mind would advise their client to file a federal lawsuit for defamation against someone who has no assets. then again, what do I know?

    • I looked her up. her email address and metadata associated with the communication seemed legit. I figured it was her what I didn’t know was whether or not there was actually a lawsuit or whether or not I was actually included in it. But I wanted to get it on record that she knew of it long before it hit the federal judge’s desk.

  5. It may not be much consolation, but they say you know when you are on target when you start catching flak.

    • yeah, but you know what they don’t tell you about that comparison? catching flak is the first part of going down in flames…. lol… they always leave that part out of the analogy. i wonder why 🙂

  6. Hi Scott,
    I saw you disappeared from You Tube and I came to find you . I’m disheartened to read this threat of a bogus lawsuit. I can only imagine who is behind this. Meanwhile, many accounts are restored and their criticisms are framed much more harshly. But it’s not about questioning a single narrative . Plans were made a couple years ago to begin censorship. We can not allow this to happen to this great country. I’m uncertain as to why they would go after such small fish ( no disrespect intended) except to start legal precedents. I hope the Reuters journalist realizes that first they came for some , then They came for all. My three dogs and 3 cats send thier greetings to yours. Ps. FYI – Your YouTube channel was beginning draw bots last upload.

  7. Hey, Scott

    I’m going to send you a letter tomorrow morning via the post office. Don’t want to do it here. Give it a read, please, and maybe a reply of some kind.

    Hi to Jan.

  8. Got a salute for you Scott.
    You are at the Fore, on the right side of History.
    Thinking of holding a Cakewalk.
    Should be fun. Everyone invited.

      • I still reach your site via the auto updating sidebar at Kennys Sideshow, he is gone but not forgotten.. I found him because of a plane flying into a building in New York. Looking back, what a searchlight you have been on this,,, Trail of Tears.

        • Kenny is missed by many of us. Every time someone mentions/writes his name a liar gets a sharp pain in a sensitive spot, I am told. Maybe it’s a just a cybersuperstition.

  9. Reuters is as phony as CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, etc etc…..Carl Bernstein wrote about Operation Mockingbird, a CIA campaign started in the 1950s to plant intelligence reports among reporters at more than 25 major newspapers and wire agencies, who would then regurgitate them for a public oblivious to the fact that they were being fed government propaganda.

    In some instances, as Bernstein shows, members of the media also served as extensions of the surveillance state, with reporters actually carrying out assignments for the CIA.

    Executives with CBS, the New York Times and Time magazine also worked closely with the CIA to vet the news. Bernstein writes: “Other organizations which cooperated with the CIA include the American Broadcasting Company, the National Broadcasting Company, the Associated Press, United Press International, REUTERS, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps‑Howard, Newsweek magazine, the Mutual Broadcasting System, the Miami Herald and the old Saturday Evening Post and New York Herald‑Tribune.”

    Don’t think for one minute they just stopped the fakery. We live in a world where LIARS and their phony “sources” spread their LIES to the masses on a daily basis. When will there be a class action lawsuit against all these mainstream news outlets? I don’t care if they supposedly legalized propaganda through the NDAA act…it IS a form of psychological terrorism, a MASSIVE crime on humanity and surely there must be a class action lawsuit in the works against the mainstream media who are taking part in knowingly harming and damaging many, including children who are being psychologically traumatized with their manufactured events and the spreading of the LIES. Every man, woman, and child alive is a future named defendant. The really sad thing is that all these lies and staged events brought to you by the so called verifiable news sources (what a joke) have been going on for way longer than most even realize. We were in the dark about it for a very long time…some good guys somewhere let the cat out of the bag and the internet has been used as a handy tool to expose them and they are running very scared, which is why they are now trying to censor people speaking the truth . And always remember, the ultimate way to defeat a lie is with the truth.

    • I like the Bernstein article but it is a limited hangout. No mention of key assassinations and their coverage by the phony free press.

  10. Gateway Pundit says he’s being sued as well.

    Reuters Contacts Gateway Pundit for Interview – Tells Us We’re Being Sued – Then Won’t Tell Us How They Knew About It

  11. This could actually turn out to be an opportunity. Truth is a defense to defamation lawsuits, and defendants traditionally get their chance to prove what they said is true.

  12. yes it is. You know nothing they do can surprise me anymore..
    You know i found your writing very confusing… i cant tell if you voted for hillary or not from what yo said right after that about HER. And i have aleays sssociated the LEFT. With Neo Nazis…so I was confused again… where ARE you, politically speaking?

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