How the unDNC Attacks the Real Left in Support of Donald Trump’s Neoliberal Domestic Agenda (this will not end well)

by Scott Creighton

The rise of the CIA/State Department Democrats combined with the New McCarthyism fervor of the unDemocratic Party is now, finally, becoming a point of contention for “progressive” commentators like Jamarl Thomas, Kyle Kulinski and Jimmy Dore. As they breathlessly screech their shock and amazement at this “new” developing trend it’s as if they were sleep walking though the Age of Obama and that of Bill Clinton not all that long ago.

The unDemocratic Party has been decidedly anti-left since the days of Jimmy Carter and have been “moving the party to the right” via incrementalism ever since. Hell, even their hero, the back-stabbing sellout Bernie Sanders, backed Bill Clinton’s neoliberal regime change operation against the people of Yugoslavia decades ago and has backed every single one of those that followed ever since.

It’s hard too say whether or not these sudden protestations are born of a legitimate angst over the perceived change in direction of the unDemocratic Party or if they are simply checking the winds and rolling with the tide. Or maybe they are concerned that eventually even they will be caught up in the newest purge of unacceptable thought here in the Shining City on the Hill.

It is a frightening development though is it not. Everything progressive is now being labeled as a “Russian plot” to “attack our democracy” and they are being labeled as such not by the historically inclined to do such things (the regressive Republican Party) but rather, by the historical bastion of populist, progressive representation… the Democratic Party.

Years ago I wrote about how in neoliberalized nations you have the creation of groups like the old Brown Shirts who ride around in trucks, civilians with police minders, rounding up troublemakers from the real left and either killing them or disappearing them into secret prisons where they are tortured to give up the names of other like-minded people within their communities. In happens in every single neoliberalized nation from Indonesia to Chile. From India to Argentina. No nation is spared because it is part of the stability building process. It’s happened in this country before and as I wrote YEARS AGO… it will happen again.

Of course, at the time I never figured folks like Rachael Maddow, Keith Olbermann and Cenk Uygur would be leading the rabble of brainwashed Dems on the back of those trucks.

Nifty little plot twist there, huh?

Below is a partial list of what the WSWS found to be a bunch of CIA/State Department-linked candidates running for office in the unDemocratic Party this year. It’s a pretty long list and I have left off a few of them for reasons of brevity. I include this list in this article because, when combined with the ongoing New McCarthyism, it really makes clear just what has happened to the unDemocratic Party in the wake of the 2016 Democratic Primary that Hillary Clinton and her network of cronies had to STEAL from the REAL LEFT in this country… so we would be treated to a Donald Trump presidency.

  • Elissa Slotkin – Eighth Congressional District of Michigan –  top aide to John Negroponte
  • Gina Ortiz Jones – 23rd Congressional District in Texas – Air Force intelligence officer in Iraq… served as an adviser for US interventions in South Sudan and Libya
  • Abigail Spanberger – Virginia’s 7th District  – “After nearly a decade serving in the CIA, I’m running for Congress in Virginia’s 7th District to fight for opportunity, equality and security for all Americans. My previous service as a law enforcement officer, a CIA officer, and a community volunteer has taught me the value of listening.”
  • Jesse Colvin – 1st District of Maryland – spent six years in Army intelligence – “As a Ranger, my four combat deployments in Afghanistan took place within a Joint Special Operations Task Force. I led intelligence teams whose work facilitated capture/kill missions of Taliban, al-Qaeda and other terrorist leaders. I managed a lethal drone program. I ran human intelligence sources. Every day, my team and I made dozens of decisions whose outcomes carried life and death consequences for my fellow Rangers, our Afghan partners, and Afghan civilians.
  • Jeffrey Beals – 19th District of New York – “After beginning my career as a CIA intelligence officer, I joined the State Department … I answered the call to help our country in Iraq in 2004″
  • Jonathan Ebel – 13th District of Illinois – served four years as a naval intelligence officer
  • Shelly Chauncey – 5th District of Pennsylvania – “Shelly served her nation for more than a decade with the Central Intelligence Agency. She began her career as a secretary and worked her way up to become a counter-intelligence officer. Shelly served as an undercover officer with the CIA in Latin America, East Asia and throughout the United States, providing logistical and counter-intelligence support to operatives abroad.”
  • Omar Siddiqui – California’s 48th District – “On the front lines of national defense, Mr. Siddiqui serves as a private advisor and consultant to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on issues of national security and counter-terrorism and was formerly an advisor and community partner with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Mr. Siddiqui is presently director of special projects of the FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association…”
  • Tom Malinowski – New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District – Obama administration under Secretary of State John Kerry as assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights, and labor (State Department)
  • Lauren Baer – 18th District of Florida – legal adviser to both Secretaries Clinton and Kerry, as well as US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power (State Department)
  • Nancy Soderberg – Florida’s 6th Congressional District – She has spent much of her time since then heading private overseas operations like the International Crisis Group
  • Edward Meier – 32nd District of Texas – senior adviser to the State Department… director of policy outreach for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign (lost primary (came in 4th out of 5))
  • Sara Jacobs – California’s 49th District – another State Department official turned Clinton campaign aide, working on “conflict zones in East and West Africa,” particularly the campaign against Boko Haram in Nigeria – granddaughter of Qualcomm founder Irwin Jacobs
  • Talley Sergent – West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District – another State Department official turned Clinton campaign aide – public relations executive for The Coca-Cola Co.
  • Jessica Morse – 4th District of California – She worked for the US Agency for International Development

“Parenthetically, it should be noted that there would be no comparable influx of Bernie Sanders supporters or other “left”-talking candidates in the event of a Democratic landslide. Only five of the 221 candidates reviewed in this study had links to Sanders or billed themselves as “progressive.” None is likely to win the primary, let alone the general election.

When the dust clears after November 6, 2018, there will almost certainly be more former CIA agents in the Democratic caucus in the House of Representatives than former Sanders activists. It is the military-intelligence operatives who constitute the spine of the Democratic Party, not the Sanders “Our Revolution” group. This is a devastating verdict on the claims of the Vermont senator, backed by various pseudo-left groups, that it is possible to reform the Democratic Party and push it to the left.” WSWS Patrick Martin

(Though I am not a fan of the “Justice Democrats” I feel the need to provide this link to their website and their list of candidates currently running for office. There are more than 20 of them and most self-identify as “progressive” in spite of what Patrick Martin’s research suggests. Some clearly aren’t very “progressive” but they are running AS progressives for what that is worth. Most will clearly lose but they are running and it is more than 5 associated with that organization alone.)

Folks like Jamarl Thomas, Kyle Kulinski and Jimmy Dore seem to have forgotten that the unDemocratic Party is simply an extension of the neoliberal side of the Republican Party and they will do ANYTHING to make sure ONE OF THEIR OWN wins every seat of power through out the country. The lesson of Alvin Greene teaches us that (which pre-dates their “awakening” I guess)

The lesson the unDNC took from 2016 seems to be quite clear: never again.

Never again will they allow real progressive minded people to undermine their lies and misrepresentations on social media, ergo they combined with Big Business (in their fascist way) to wage war on “fake news” sites and start to silence dissidents who dare speak the truth by labeling them as “Russian agents” or their “useful idiots” in a nation-wide smear campaign that would make Joe McCarthy and Scoop Jackson blush with envy.

True, they could have moved further to the left and ensured massive victories in 2018 and 2020 but they CHOOSE a different route. And they choose that route because… they hate the left with a passion like that of Carl Rove and Dick Cheney.

So today they attack and try to silence those voices out here who have been on the right side of every issues since defiance of the illegal war of aggression in Iraq. Since their opposition of Clinton’s NAFTA. Since they marched against the WTO in Seattle. Or gathered to Occupy Wall Street. Or marched in opposition to unchecked violence by police being leveled at young black men across the country. Or opposed TARP. Or fascist ObamaCare. Or Israel’s bombing of Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

That is what our unDemocratic Party’s leadership is concerned with and they have given their talking points memos to their propaganda mouthpieces across the spectrum of the complicit corporate media. That is their focus while Trump gets away with neoliberalizing the nation bit by bit without a single peep coming from the fake left in opposition to his program.

That’s because they support that neoliberal domestic agenda of his and will serve as his attack dogs going after the real left in this country while it unfolds.

When countries are attacked by our various assets across the globe one thing they always do is try to insert their agents into the political spectrum of the nation. This is what we see happening with the CIA Dems. They hijack the political left, co-opt it with their neoliberal assets and begin the process of rounding up those who cannot be bought off. This is how our “intelligence services” have served our “national interests” for decades and they are still doing it overseas as well as here at home it appears.

We seen the patterns developing.

  • Domestic Gladio operations.
  • The war on constitutional rights and protections.
  • The strategy of tension campaign to foment anger and hostility between citizens rather than, say, the targets of Occupy Wall Street, where our real focus should be directed.
  • The rise of disinformation and distraction assets working to confuse and derail civil discourse in the country.
  • The glorification of Deep State assets who work against our interests rather than for them.
  • The continuation of our endless wars of aggression and the development of a new, grand Boogeyman to serve as the underlying threat, hidden deep within our country.

This is a pattern. A well established formula for dealing with foreign nations who “voted the wrong way” over the decades that came before us. Unfortunately, the evil you commit abroad will always find it’s way back home and it appears we are next on the list of nation states to be offered up for harvesting by the masters of the universe. And progressive opposition to the regressive agenda will simply not be allowed. Not even by the “progressive” party.

The fairy-tail of our “two party” system has run the course of it’s usefulness. The unDemocratic Party Primary of 2016 was it’s Swan Song and they know the lessons from that betrayal will never be forgotten by the real left in this country, the GROWING real left. Ergo, it seems, they have made the determination to either silence us with accusations of “sedition” (i.e. the Russian agent claim) or simply remove us altogether from the discussion (Youtube, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Paypal censorship)

In time there will be one, officially sanctioned opinion regarding all things and THAT is how they will fix the problem with 2016, bringing the much needed”stability” their owners demand.

In 1971 Lewis Powell crafted a memo for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce regarding how to essentially brainwash a nation and bring everyone into the same neoliberal/corporatist thinking they they all shared. They set out on a massive campaign to achieve that goal through co-opting the education system and the creation of a series of think-tanks devoted to that end goal. And in 2016 and the decade that came before it, they came to realize they failed.

In spite of their best efforts, populism and REAL progressiveness… was on the rise.

So now they will do by force what they failed to do by social conditioning.

It is fitting that they use the Left to attack the Left. It couldn’t be any other way when you think about it. They don’t wish to demonize what the establishment Republican Party stands for… because they would rather have the left support it than think of it as the enemy. Thus the confusion, horror and anger by folks like Jamarl Thomas, Kyle Kulinski and Jimmy Dore is understandable as they have toyed with the notion in the past of the unDemocratic Party being merely an extension of the regressive Right… but they failed to take the time to peel back the mask of the unDNC’s previous mascots to take a closer look at the malice that lurks within them.

Some of us saw this coming long ago while folks like Jamarl, Kyle and Jimmy were dancing in the streets in Nov. 2008, singing, drinking and dreaming of all that “CHANGE” they were about to see.

How you like your “CHANGE” now boys?

And make yourselves ready because you’re going to see more cus this ain’t gonna end well. Never does for people of principle. Not in the Shining City on the Hill anyway.

Once more into the breach dear friends, once more

8 Responses

  1. Combine this article with the rainy chilly dark day outside and a morbid state of depression hits me hard. Do we really have no ability to stop these dark creatures? Are we lost?

  2. Good article. I agree with most of what you say except the first couple points – gladio events and strategy of tension in America. Do you have any sources for examples?

    • ru kidding? Oh I don’t know, lets see, since maybe 9/11… what might qualify as a Gladio event? How about Amerithrax to start with? Century 16 ring any bells? Pulse? Vegas? take your pick. As for strategy of tension, uh lets see… Charlottesville? BLM? all those FBI-linked White Supremacists perhaps? Antifa ring any bells? Or maybe just the media calling Trump supporters “racist wife beaters” and “deplorable” every day for a year following 8 years of Breitbart calling Obamaites “commies”?

      New McCArthyism is a form of strategy of tension don’t you think? I do. All sorts of examples I could give you I guess.

      • Not kidding and no, none of those ring any bells. Are you insinuating that Las Vegas shooting was a gladio event? I’m assuming you mean that a nation state perpetrated the entire Las Vegas shooting in an effort to do what exactly? Why is there no evidence of a team of mercenaries carrying this out? Assuming this is what you mean (forgive me if I’m wrong) you’re saying mercenaries came to America, slaughtered a bunch of people, framed it on one old guy, and then paid off the police and media to go with their version of events? Am I understanding correctly? Paid off the police and the fbi and atf? Paid off every single media agency that had original material on the event? And our government is complicit because they allow this? Or perhaps did it themselves? Yes, our government paid off every cop and federal agent? Or, wait everyone is in on it! Everyone but… people who buy into that tripe.
        America may be going down hill, and we may have corruption in our government, and there may be a few journalists who join in on the corruption, and let’s say that there are quite a few corrupt cops and agents. Not one person in gov, not one journalist, not one cop or fed spoke out – even anonymously? Your saying ALL of them are in on it?

        I’m hoping I drew out this line of thought too far and you’ve got a totally rational explanation for how a nation state can come in and shoot up all those people and not one person get word out of a “gladio” event taking place.

        • “Why is there no evidence of a team of mercenaries carrying this out?”

          You mean aside from the recordings where you can clearly hear multiple weapons being fired simultaneously from multiple locations? you mean aside from the witnesses who said that and the recording of the police officer who said it on the radio?

          “Paid off the police and the fbi and atf? Paid off every single media agency that had original material on the event? And our government is complicit because they allow this? Or perhaps did it themselves? Yes, our government paid off every cop and federal agent? Or, wait everyone is in on it!”

          ah, the old “it’s too big” line huh? let me ask you a question: did they have to “pay off” everyone who helped promote the lies about Yellow Cake from Niger or Saddam’s links to 9/11 or WMDs in Iraq? Do you think they all got envelops of cash or maybe… they went along with the program and kept their mouths shut because they knew what would happen to their careers if they didn’t.

          Here’s the other thing… only a handful of people would actually have to be involved. Not “every single person in the entire US government” like you seem to suggest. That’s just a childish over simplification. a strawman, if you like.

          and in terms of your suggestion that someone, some fed, some cop, some reporter would let the cat out of the bag were this a Gladio type event… truth be told, the original Gladio went on for 30 years with hardly a soul talking about it and even less press coverage, so, that happening today is certainly a possibility.

  3. There is no Left left and the Right is wrong and this did not happen overnight, yet most of the frogs in the boiling pot are only now beginning to feel a tad warm…
    The rhetoric of the two parties still fools many people into believing that the ideologies are fundamentally different where it matters to them and that they could at least pick “the lesser of two evils.” Shall it be Hillary or Trump? Hansen’s disease or Tabes? It’s good to have the fans of the two fight each other– it’s a major distraction.

  4. Once again real left bulshit from welfare Queen Scott

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