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  1. […] via EXCLUSIVE FULL UNEDITED Interview of Putin with NBC’s Megan Kelly — American Everyman […]

  2. Why even bother to interview this man – he doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies, using the latter to prop up his Presidency whenever he needs to employ them. The West should have nothing to do with Putin – exclude him from everything and meet him with force wherever this is needed. He has zero trust amongst Western politicians – even Merkel has given up on him.

    The mystery for me is why the Russian people continue to put up with his coniving, underhand methods that are alienating their country from the rest of Europe – a continent they share a common history with? Perhaps it’s because his tentacles permeate through the whole of Russian society and there is little anyone can do. Navelny is at least attempting to show the level of corruption existing between the Kremlin and the oligarchs, but without the support of a large bloc of the Russian people there is little he can do.

    It seems the Russians don’t want to know the truth or simple chose to ignore it so that they can have a degree of stability in their country. This is a very sad state of affairs but, as long as Putin remains President, it seems there is very little chance of the status quo changing.

    • what are these underhanded methods you are talking about that are alienating Russia from the rest of Europe?

      • Read/watch CNN, The Guardian and the BBC. You need to keep up on stuff like this.

        • you are trying to be funny…. right? or maybe you just don’t
          actually read this blog.

          • Totally serious. Putin is a 100% fucking ex-KGB spy who murders his political opponents, or do you admire his administration for being a white shining light of moral decency? I suggest you watch a few of Alexey Navalny’s videos and also the murder of Boris Nemtsov – might change your mind.

            • You mean to say Putin is an ex-KGB-ist??? Well, I never! We would never allow an ex-CIA director to become US president! That is why Bush Daddy was defeated by Dukakis in 1988.
              Putin “murders his political opponents?!” I am disgusted by the fact that those in the know, like you, who have proof of this, do not bring him to justice instead of just ineffectually beating their gums on the internet. Maybe Navalny’s videos are not the ticket. I know a gal, her name is Rita, who could help out. Scott has derided her in he past but she has done amazing work.

              • ah Rita, Lovely Rita, Mossad maid? I think you might be onto something there. Yes, I can see a hook-up in the future between our British Putin-troll and Lovely Rita. Match made in propaganda heaven if you ask me.

          • I admit to feeling envy. No satire I ever wrote was as funny as Ivankinsman’s. It is very fine irony except at the end when (for effect, I presume) he abruptly switches to vulgar humor bordering on profanity, which I will not cite verbatim (I was not raised to speak like that) but will use ellipses:

            “Read/watch C…N, The G…..n and the B…C. You need to keep up on stuff like this.”

            Nevertheless I laughed, because gross as it is, it is still funny. I think Scott should edit the comments to clean them up of fucking vulgarities.

        • I asked for specifics, not a list of purveyors of various Cold War 2.0 promoting propaganda rags. what do you have specifically to offer aside from random talking point generalizations?

    • Navalny (not Navelny) is a marked man IMO, just like Nemtsov was. He is a fraudster and an embezzler (a duo of crooks with his brother Oleg) whom the regime change specialists decided to fashion into a political activist and more: Putin’s “main opponent.” The problem is that the Russian people (who are such a mystery to you) don’t buy the charade because they know him by his past deeds, so his approval rating is similar to what Nemtsov had (hovering between 2% and 9%). I said he is a marked man because, just like Nemtsov, when all the buildup he gets from the Western media (and from traitors like Gary Casparov barking from across the border in Lithuania) fails to make him credible he will become WORTH MORE DEAD THAN ALIVE to his users. He may well be martyred as “a victim, killed on Putin’s orders.”
      Why would Putin want to have someone who poses no threat (in fact provides a booster to his election campaign) killed? The same logic that had us believe that Assad, while winning and during the UN inspectors’ visit decided to “gas his own people.”
      Yeah, the Russians “don’t want to know the truth,” Not Ivankinsman’s truth. BTW, are you using “kinsman” as a synonym of “landsman”? That would mean extra reasons to hate Putin and despite the whole Russian nation.

      • CX: “and despise the whole Russian nation.”

      • Kasparov not Casparov.

        This is the biggest load of tripe I have heard in a very long time. Basically Putin does not know What to do with Navalny. To imprison him for a long period/have him murdered would trigger huge street protests so all he can do is lock him up for short periods.

        Interesting that you are a supporter of Putin’s corruption and anti-Western rhetoric. You it seems are completely brainwashed by the Russian state media – controlled by the ex-KGB spy – that pushes out the same bilge on what a macho man the little turd is and how is saving his country from all the horrible evil enemies that beset it. Such garbage persuades the old ladies to vote for him … doesn’t wash with young internet-savvy Russians who have a much better idea of his and his cronies theft of state resources.

        • 1. Casparov/Kasparov is a matter of transliteration that does not alter the pronunciation, unlike your “Nevalny.”
          2. I guess you had a huge change of mind: the Russians are no longer unwilling “to know the truth or simple [sic] chose to ignore it,” and it is no longer “a very sad state of affairs” because breaking news to you alone persuaded you that only “old ladies” will vote for Putin, unlike “young internet-savvy Russians.” From one day to the next it is a remarkable development!
          3. Wow is me! How persnickety the Russian media is and how powerful, Landsman: I only have access to RT yet that alone has managed to cancel out all the Ivankismanprop beamed at me 24/7 by the MSM and “brain wash me!
          4. Everything I wrote about Navalny is backed up by info available from easily available sources– MSM no less. Your diatribe is a just rant that does not contradict it or substantiate Putin’s “corruption.” This brings me to:
          5. Your diatribe shows a rabid Russophobia with focus on Putin. What is the source of it, Landsman? Is it your humanitarian concern for the Russian people?

          • Not Russophobia at all – where on earth did you get that from? All my posts have been directed Putin and his corrupt regime. If you believe the B.S. about Navalny and his brother being guilty of financial fraud then you really have been brainwashed by Putin’s mouthpiece – oops, sorry, Russian state media.

            Yes, my concern is for the Russian people – the old and those on low incomes and those hardworking taxpayers who are being well and truly f@@@@d. Why are you pro-Putin? Well obviously for monetary gain – how do you get paid for pushing back against anti-Putin comments?

            • and you know what… Cheney invaded Iraq because HE wanted to bring DEMOCRACY to THE PEOPLE. HIS concern was “for the people’ as well.
              While we are at it… Hillary Clinton bombed the shit out of Libya “for the people” as well.

              you’re in good company with that line of propaganda, that’s for sure.

            • oh by the way, I just wrote a nifty little article about New McCarthyism and what it really means. I am sure you will just LOVE IT.

  3. And there seems to be a lot of apathy amongst Russian voters in this upcoming election so the authorities are resorting to a range of measures to try and boost voter turnout:


    • oh, well, if the Guardian says it, it must be true.

      • Glad you admire the Guardian as much as I do for shining the light on turds like Putin and his bunch of crony oligarchs.

        • you “admire” the guardian? ha! please say no more.

        • Ivankinsman, you are a native of England and now live in Poland while giving lectures about England? Guess that helps explain your negative attitude toward Putin. England does not own or control Russia. sort of irritates your Queen, doesn’t it.

          • he hasn’t gotten over that whole “revolution” thing you know? Kinda scares his royal inbred family

            • Willyloman don’t assume I am a British royalist. Far from it – I would be very happy to see the United Kingdom become a Republic. And don’t mistake my disdain for Putin and his thieving cronies as a hatred of the Russian people. The latter are just like other Northern European with the same culture and values. It is the despot who leads them who is no different to the former Commies who drove their country’s economy into the ground and repressed individual human liberties. Putin is now trying to reignite a Stalinist cult – praising him as a strong man who saved his countrymen from the evil West. If you haven’t read about Stalin’s deeds then I suggest you get off your arse and do some research. This book would be a good place to start: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2003/jul/20/biography.features

              • “commies”? “Stalin’s deeds”? this gets funnier by the minute. I wonder… do you include “defeating Nazi fascism” as one of “Stalin’s deeds”? just curious

                • Oh yes Stalin did this out of the goodness of his heart. He did it because he was petrified of Hitler. And what has this got anything to do with his massacre of millions of Russians? Because they represented the same threat as the Nazis? This had me laughing out loud.

                  • do you really think 23 million Russians fought and died defending their country from a fascist invading force… because Stalin was “petrified of Hitler”? were you in a special program in your school days? wear a helmet perhaps?

                    • Read your history. Stalin was shaking in his boots and it was his generals who stopped him from panicking. And the shit kept Zhukhov almostvunder house arrest after the war. A complete psychopath like the little shit Vladimir who you are so keen on. Get real and if you like the turd so much – move to his country.

                    • right. if I don’t like endless wars, fascism and… well, whatever else folks like you don’t like.. I should “move to his country”

                      sounds kinda like “”Merika! Love it or LEAVE IT!” doesn’t it? not even a new clever spin on it… just more of the same from fascists dedicated to defending the status quo like they always have.

                      tell you what, you keep those little thoughts to yourself (since they expose you for who you really are) and I will keep fighting to make my HOME a better place… like all those THOUSANDS of us in the past who brought sycophantic relics like yourself kicking and screaming into the 21st century and MADE THIS COUNTRY into what it is today.

                      How bout that Scoop McCarthy? You like that plan? And oh, by the way, you should stay right where you are because having a difference of opinion doesn’t mean I want you to leave. understand? or is that Putinist propaganda as well?

                    • Well loving your country’s bitter enemy is certainly a very strange position to adopt if you are patriotic about American values.

  4. […] via EXCLUSIVE FULL UNEDITED Interview of Putin with NBC’s Megan Kelly (use CC for English translation)… […]

  5. The CC is not working – any suggestions?

    • I just checked and it works fine. It is only turned on when he is speaking. it translates from Russian to English. You can try going to Youtube to view the video (hit the Youtube button bottom right of the vid here) and see if it works better over there.

  6. Do we have to see any more comments by Ivanlandsman? Even scrolling over hem is tedious. He is the Peter Sellers character in The Party, the bugler who wouldn’t die. Please, please Scott, exercise your editorial prerogative and spare us.

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