The Highly Suspicious Circumstances and Timing of the Pathway Home Standoff

Yesterday in California there was a standoff between Albert Wong (36) and law enforcement officers for 8 hours which resulted in the deaths of 3 hostages and Wong. The circumstances and timing of this event are somewhat suspicious to me.

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CNN article article on Wong

Guardian article on Salvador Option

Napa Valley Register article

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Feinstein renews effort to ban assault weaponsSF Chronicle March 3 2018

“Now Feinstein is pushing for a new ban, an effort she began last fall after a shooter killed 58 and injured 851 concertgoers in Las Vegas, and, in Parkland’s wake, Democratic leaders in Congress are embracing it…

Feinstein acknowledged in an interview last week that the original ban “wasn’t a perfect bill,” but that newer studies show that the number of deaths involving assault weapons fell, as did the number of mass shootings.

“I know that the 10 years worked,” Feinstein said. “I have to do this, I believe in it so strongly.”

She said an airline pilot recently told her, “My 7-year-old daughter came to me and said, ‘I’m scared to go to school, Daddy.’

“Is this what we want America to be — where youngsters 7 years old are scared to death to go to school, and teenagers are in fact getting killed in schools?” Feinstein said. “I don’t understand how if you want to do the right thing, why the right thing isn’t taking these weapons of war off the streets so they can’t be misused.”

Interview with Diane Feinstein (my commentary in blue)

You sat in that meeting with the president. What do you understand to be the gun law changes he’s supporting?

“I think the most important thing was what I saw as an open mind to listen, and some receptivity to certain ideas. He said, I think we should take the guns away before a court order, or before the process. And I think it was a bit difficult to sort out, but I [have] hope.”

Here she talks about the mental hygiene laws that Bloomberg and Sheriff Israel have been promoting. Stripping people of their second amendment rights and the right of DUE PROCESS. Fascist to the core

What’s in the works in the Senate about Russian meddling in elections?

“We’re about to introduce a bill on collusion. I think that what the Russians are doing has got to be stopped. So we’ve written a bill that will hold people responsible if they monkey around with the Internet to divide people, to mess with elections, that kind of thing.”

Criminally responsible?

“This is civilly right now. It’s a work in progress, still…”

So she is looking to enact legislation that will punish people,  “PEOPLE” not “RUSSIANS”, for “monkeying around with the Internet” and dividing folks like they claim the Russians did on various websites during the general election last year. Totally, 100% FASCIST assault on FREE SPEECH.

When asked about California’s issues with the Federal government regarding illegal immigration this was part of her response:

“And I think it’s pretty stupid to say, I’m going to have law-abiding people picked up… We’re the biggest agricultural producer in America. All of the employment comes from the undocumented. I have tried with bills to provide a way to create a blue card for agricultural workers which would enable them to legally continue to work agriculture…”

Then she went on to talk about California’s growing homeless problems, never making the connection between the two:

“We’ve got a huge homeless issue, I think they have over 40,000 homeless in L.A .and 7,000 in San Francisco and Oakland. [The figure for Los Angeles city and county is more than 57,000.]”

Diane Feinstein is up for re-election this year and the progressive base of the California Democratic Party simply isn’t endorsing her and her seat is in jeopardy:

We’re seeing millennials and Gen-Xers outvoting baby boomers. They did in 2016. So the Democratic electorate is changing. Certainly in California it’s moving to the left. You saw that here with your non-endorsement by the state Democratic Party.

“…But I never expected to be endorsed. And my strength, if I have a strength, is in the general population. I think there’s a certain amount of pragmatism in the general electorate. They listen. I think they want people who can solve problems. I think I’ve shown that I can do that.

I think the outstanding issue is healthcare. I am for a public option. I am for decreasing Medicare to [cover] 50-year-olds. The problem with the public option is it costs way up in the trillions. Bernie [Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont] had 12 new taxes and it only got halfway through what it cost. Plus the fact, it’s the government running medicine.

Diane Feinstein seems like she intends to run on the Republican side of the Democratic Party with help from “pragmatic” independents and perhaps Republicans who register as Dems for the primaries. She say “THEY” listen as opposed to the real progressives in Cali’s Democratic Party. Notice how she uses Republican talking points to shoot down even something as tame as a “public option”?

Sanders Won’t Endorse Feinstein as She Fights Left-Wing Primary ChallengeMarch 9, 2018

“Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) has refused to endorse his Senate colleague Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) in her primary campaign.

The 84-year-old Feinstein seeks to retain her seat in the face of progressive challengers, and Sanders declined to endorse any candidate in the race, The Hill reports. The California Democratic Party was split on the race, and Sanders said he would leave the matter of who to nominate up to voters in the Golden State.”

So while the fake progressive Bernie Sanders refused to endorse Feinstein in the primary, he also refused to endorse her progressive challenger.

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  1. That old woman needs to be retired….all of congress should be required to retire when they reach 75.. That includes being a President.
    Also, a person should not be able to serve more than two terms in the Senate (and none in the House) or serve only 3 terms in the House (and none in the Senate). Why are we allowing people to spend their entire life in congress? They get wealthy and set in their ways and jump only to please the super wealthy.

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