Collision that killed 10 US sailors caused by warship’s mistaken maneuver – official probe

(When this event happened last year, I speculated that the USS John McCain deliberately crossed into the path of the shipping vessel in an effort to hamper certain interests in the trade routes in the area. The “news” blamed everything from lazy and tired sailors to “Russian hacking” but as it turns out… I was right. The collision occurred when our guided missile destroyer deliberately turned in front of the merchant ship in order to halt it’s progress. 10 sailors paid with their lives for that maneuver. They are still trying too say it was an accident but guided missile destroyers aren’t your typical weekend day-tripper schooner and it takes quite a bit of work to deliberately steer them into a collision course with a massive transport ship on their radar. I believe the admiral in charge of that fleet was forced into early retirement if I’m not mistaken. He should be in prison. Killed 10 of his own sailors to make a shipping oligarch happy somewhere. Unbelievable.)

from RT

A sudden turn made by a US destroyer lead to a collision with a commercial vessel that killed 10 American sailors, an investigation by Singaporean authorities has concluded.

The incident on August 21 was one of several such collisions last year, which tarnished the reputation of the US Navy. The guided-missile destroyer USS ‘John S McCain’ (DDG-56) collided with a Liberian-flagged merchant ship in the Singapore Strait.

A report released on Thursday by the Singapore’s Ministry of Transport’s (MOT) Transport Safety Investigation Bureau (TSIB) said the American warship “made a sudden turn to the left into the path of [the merchant vessel, ‘Alnic MC’] because of a series of missteps that took place after propulsion controls were transferred.”

The US Navy’s internal report last November arrived at similar conclusions, blaming the incident on avoidable navigational errors made by the destroyer’s crew…

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