Carlson Vs Bolton: Will This Neocon Warmonger Replace McMaster? Not after this interview

You almost feel sorry for warmongering neocon John Bolton after watching this. Then you remember how many Iraqis died and how many US service men and women died as a result of his lies about Iraq and you get over that real quick.

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Damon Linker article

INN World Report Radio interview tonight (Thursday) with Tom Keily

Vimeo: Scott Creighton (no content submitted yet)
Skype: americaneveryman

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  1. Unlike you, Scott, I always look for the positive side. You must give the old pinniped his due: he got one fundamental dead right when he said “It all ties together in the ME.” Ok, so he got the ties all wrong but at least he saw that it all ties together! What ties are involved and how they are interlaced we can figure out by ourselves and have done so already long ago, back even before the old pinniped was busy working on PNAC and back when he was still a very randy pinniped (do they have photos of him in those times to show him if he ever steps out of line?)

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