BRIT-ISIS in 7 Straight-forward Images (ever wonder why Britain interfered in our 2016 election?)

by Scott Creighton

Yes, ISIS was created to give President Peace Prize cover for:

  1. re-invading Iraq
  2. regime change in Syria
  3. attacking anyone anywhere who got in the way of our “national interests”

That is true.

And yes, the U.S. and Israel also fund and support ISIS.

However, ISIS has always had a distinctly British flavor to it and these 7 images will show you what I am talking about. The first one shows how Brits love to play dress-up and kill civilians when they have something at stake in it. The last one shows you how Brit-ISIS is morphing into KurdISIS and how they are now joining forces to fight against the Turks on behalf of the Greater Kurdistan project.


Now also keep this in mind. In 2015 the Brits became involved through the 5-Eyes program with spying on opposition candidate and they stepped it up in early – mid 2016. Trump, who became the early favorite, was winning a lot of voters in part by saying he wanted nothing to do with Syria and thought we should leave the Syrians and the Russians to destroy “ISIS”

Remember that?

It is entirely possible that GCHG and the Brits became involved in our election process, actually trying to influence our 2016 presidential election, BECAUSE they knew Hillary Clinton would continue with the Syrian regime change operation at any cost… and thought there was a good chance Donald Trump wouldn’t.

With so many British citizens running around dressed up as ISIS, you can understand how they might not want a US policy which turns a blind eye to Russia bombing them at will.

The question becomes: what geopolitical interest does Britain have in Syria or the Greater Kurdistan project because clearly they have their sticky little fat fingers all over this operation.

[p.s. On a personal note, everything went fine yesterday and I am taking another stray cat to the shelter so she can be adopted this morning]

One Response

  1. The Queen thinks she owns the world anyway….. so she is just making sure no one interferes.
    About that cat…. he calls her six-toes…. like the Hemingway cats in Key West.. and she is pregnant …. her first batch was destroyed by the gang of male cats… then they followed her around until she came back in heat. Scott has been feeding her and she follows him around outside like a puppy. Even when he is walking Church (his big dog)… she will walk under Church or right beside Scott… some times She leads the way. She is a friendly cute little cat.
    He also feeds a male cat that looks grumpy.. always looks grumpy… so Scott calls him Grumpy. He is a little fearful of everybody but he does not fight other male cats…( seems he has been neutered?) He just loves to eat…… maybe he had a home at one time and was abandoned.
    Always stray cats for Scott to befriend and help.
    and lost dogs…..

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