Social Crediting, Cryptocurrencies and the Smart Grid (Max Igan video)

H/T to Nancy for sending me the link to this. I like Max Igan. Havent’ kept up with his work since he exposed the “flat-earth” psyop and that Ken OKeefe thief… but he does good work and there are many things in this video I agree with. Of course, to him and his anarchistic mindset, Big Gubmint is the problem and behind all of this Social Crediting control grid being set up which ignores the FACT that it’s actually Big Business doing it and Big Gubmint ALLOWING IT… because Big Business bought off Big Gubmint long ago. Still a fascinating video and well worth the time to watch.

4 Responses

  1. I haven’t watched the video nor am I familiar with Max Igan but, if his “anarchistic mindset” doesn’t understand that the state is more than just “the government”, then Max is not a philosophically sound example of the “anarchistic mindset”.

    See Anna Morgenstern:

    The state IS the ruse. The state… is a social fiction. It is the myth of legitimacy. This myth is the thin black line that separates “the government” and its “private sector” attachments from any other Mafia. The fact that people believe that “the government” is legitimately allowed to kill and steal, and that when it does so, it represents something good and just, is what has allowed it to dominate the earth. And despite the secondary myth that the government exists to fight crime, it is the very existence of the government that allows the lesser Mafias to thrive.

    In the past this myth of legitimacy was carried out through religion. As various religions were the “private sector” beneficiaries of government, they would preach that the state was the secular arm of their organization, devoted to enforcing “the lord’s will” on Earth.

    While bunk in and of itself, at least they admitted the connection.

  2. Also, haven’t had time to keep up with your Paddock coverage (so you may have covered this) but the “email exchange that Paddock appeared to have with himself” is strange to say the least. Not as strange though if the exchange was with someone else and he was promoting products he was offering.

    • that could easily be someone who created an account for him trying to tie him to the various weapons and bump stocks after the event:

      “One instance where investigators identified two email account attached to him — and — an exchange began with “Try an ar before u buy. We have a huge selection. Located in the Las Vegas area.”

      Later that day, an email was received back from that read “we have a wide variety of optics and ammunition to try.”

      Then Paddock sent an email to that read: “for a thrill try out bumpfire ar’s with 100 round magazine.”

      or it could be… he sent them via blind cc to clients… or… he was communicating with someone via his own email account (gave them access) so they wouldn’t have a record of trying to (illegally?) purchase various weapons on their personal email accounts (happens all the time I guess)

      is interesting though but without being able to look at the actual code of the emails, there is no way for us to determine which of these is most accurate.

  3. Thanks for sharing the video Scott. I watched Max Igan for the first time last month from a previous Open Mind presentation. I enjoy hearing his perspectives and imagine it would be so nice to experience the world he believes we could have. Scary to think what is in our future if a shift doesn’t happen soon.

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