The Accidental President Was Not Our Failure… He Was Theirs (churchdog42 video)

Trump’s presidency was not the ultimate plan of the MOTU… he was a mistake, an accident of democracy when folks “voted the wrong way”

As such, all sorts of levers of power are being pulled to ensure the elections of 2018 and 2020 go according to our owners’ desires.

Those who would tell you they got what they wanted in 2016 do you a tremendous disservice for they strip you of not only your victory but also of your hope. Don’t let them.

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The Accidental President Was Not Our Failure… He Was Theirs… and don’t you forget it


Vimeo: Scott Creighton
Skype: americaneveryman

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  1. Not sure I disagree with you; you make some good points. So I’m posting this here as more of a counterpoint than anything else. I can’t really argue this position; I’m just curious about your response.

    I think this is the piece I read a few days before the election that changed my assumption that Clinton would win:

    Like I said, I’m not sure I fully buy this argument, but it was compelling enough to get me to seriously entertain the possibility of a Trump win. As a result, I had a few extra days to prepare and wasn’t shocked and awed like pretty much everyone around me.

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