Putin’s annual address to Federal Assembly (FULL VIDEO)

Amazing the difference between their stately State of the Union address and the freak-show that is ours. They don’t have to stand and applaud every 2 minutes else the risk someone seeing them sitting when everyone else is standing and then using that against them in an upcoming primary or something. It’s like day and night between the two. One is a state function, the other, a bad reality TV show commercial. Notice there are no teleprompters, no war-heroes in the audience, no pandering to various identity politics token audience members. Vladamir Putin comes out, gives a run-down on the state of Russia’s development and that’s it.

3 Responses

  1. I was shacked at the difference when I first started watching, Putin’s among others speeches. They were far superior in authenticity, clarity and facts

  2. This may be off subject but in a way is relative.

    The dark side, as you read farther down the article, is about governments using self-driving cars to limit a person’s ability to drive where they want to. They will prohibit regular cars on many roads….. it can or will trap people within certain areas…… or contain them.

    Putin gives a good front… I hope he is honest. I believe he is.

  3. Putin conducts himself with dignity and class. He talks intelligently. He deserves respect. Our politicians look and act like clowns in comparison. It’s very sad.

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