Introducing (BAM!)

by Scott Creighton

Hi guys. Things might get a little glitchy over the next few days because I am transitioning to the new domain name…. you ready for this?!? You ready?!?

Bam! Look at that shit.


As part of the WordPress upgrade that did away with those damn ads I got a new domain name so I just completed the process to register this one.


They say things might get a little… odd… for the next day or so. Maybe it wont. Maybe it will. But I promise I will keep writing and posting throughout it all and I will try my best to keep the zombies out while the transition process takes place. I don’t think there will be any issues with the transfer of content or comments and I certainly hope that all links from other sites still work and will transfer to the new domain. … I hope.

Anyway, just thought I would keep you guys up to date. I promise I will stop focusing on my own situation tomorrow and get back to work. Have a nice Saturday and I will see you on…


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