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  1. this is kind of odd. the video plays fine for me here as an embedded video but on Youtube… it wont load. at all. anyone else notice that?

  2. I tried twice this AM to post a comment to you. Nothing happened. Nothing showed up on this machine as sent.

    • Well, they’re here now. Took them a while, but they did finally show up here on this machine. I wonder if they got there. Maybe you can let me know.

      I sent you a note via the Post Office after I couldn’t get through to you here.

      • yeah, I found them. they were hiding out with a couple comments other had left. they were a little nervous so I coaxed them out into the light.

        • Coaxed? I wish I know how to things like that. Age might be the barrier—for me, anyway.

          Anyway, glad to hear they got there. Thanks for the response.

  3. On your own website the video plays fine. When going directly to YouTube the video will NOT load.

    • I have the same exact problem. mine wont load. a few other alternative news channels are the same. while other, establishment channels load just fine.

  4. Another example of Youtube discrimination might be that whole gays-denied-wedding-cake thing. It’s called the Masterpiece Bakeshop Case and I think a Supreme Court ruling is still pending.

    Business should be a business to all patrons equally. In this case, Youtube provides a video platform business. Can a Cakeshop have a TOS that that discriminates? I supposed the terms “bullying”, etc. is their way around this… the courts will probably have to define these terms better…

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