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  1. So maybe we haven’t been able to find evidence of sarin gas used by Assad but that doesn’t fool me for a moment.
    I vividly recall Rumsfeld saying something like “Absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence.” (That man’s flair with words will be appreciated by the posterity.)
    Furthermore, I am still waiting to hear about newborn babies being snatched out of incubators and flung to the floor by the Tyrants’ soldiers. They do stuff like that there.
    My favorite source of information is the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and I plan to get in touch with him soon and ask him about the absence of reports on incubator babies.

    • Tyrant’s (singular)

      • Appreciated by my posterior

        • You are showing lack of respect for a man who was not only a military expert but also an incredible visionary in financial matters, especially stocks. How else to explain his astute heavy investment in pharma companies producing vaccines when he had no way of knowing the US Army would institute mandatory vaccines for its forces soon to be deployed in Iraq?

    • “yes. we will find it” “where sir?” “well, north, south, east, west of Baghdad”

      • Didn’t I read somewhere that the reason the bio-WMDs were not found because Saddam Hussein had already sent them to Syria? I liked that one…. I wonder if he didn’t send some to Venezuela as well

        • oh I thought he sent them to North Korea and THEY sent they to Syria… who then shipped a couple to Venezuela and Cuba. It’s the axis of ebil don’t ya know.

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