My Youtube Channel has Been Terminated…for Exposing Disinformation

I’ve had this channel for a while from back when I was thinking about doing a gaming channel. Will try to post this and see how long it lasts.

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  1. Disinfo Jones, isn’t he the tip of the spear as i heard Joe Calhoun describe him on Tom’s show last night. What the fuck is going on there Scott. I don’t even call in any more nor has anyone else for the past few weeks.

    • I was supposed to be on Tom’s show last night. Maybe I will listen to it. Are you saying Tom and Joe were singing Di$info’s praises last night? Yeah, Tom has changed hasn’t he? I don’t know what’s going on with him. Guess he doesn’t want to end up like me and so many others.

  2. Have you looked at steemit?

  3. One hypothesis: YT is using a pretty stupid algorithm to determine which accounts to boot — looking at titles only and not video content. (Video content can still be flagged by hoomins– including troll brigades — and then punished.) I notice in the Sane Progressive video you mention, the title uses “crisis INDUSTRY” rather than “crisis actors” and even, possibly on purpose, “psych-ops” rather than psy-ops. I think making titles more opaque for the censorbots would be a possible defensive tactic for your new channel. Clearly they’re looking for false flag, crisis actors… and more that Ican’t think of right now.

    • she calls them “psych-ops” because she’s ignorant. She doesn’t do research. hasn’t since the election rigging. Then she backed Jill Stein’s work on auditing JUST the three states Trump won that he wasn’t supposed to and then she turned to calling EVERY one of these operations a “staged” “false flag” with “crisis actors” and “no victims”. Frankly I’m surprised she’s not pushing the Russian hacking myth and the Assad chemical weapons lies.

      • There’s nothing I disagree with here — I don’t watch her for the reasons you mention and because I just don’t have it in me to sit through 90 minutes of blathering.

        • she’s constantly chastising her viewers, condescending to them as if she and ONLY she, sees the way the world as it is. Funny isn’t it? She gets so many things flat out wrong but professes to have the complete and total understanding of the Deep State and all it’s machinations. As good as she was back when Sanders voters had their votes stolen from them… I wonder where she was back in 2008 on the ObamaFRAUD or 2010 when they pulled off the Alvin Greene scam in South Carolina? I wonder how she voted in 2012 now that I think about it. Do you know if she ever wrote about Bev Harris BEFORE Sanders 2016? How did she stand on ObamaCare when that was first being debated? What about his turning 2 wars into 7 WHILE IT WAS GOING ON? How about his assassination of a US citizen and his SON in Yemen WHEN IT HAPPENED? Where was she on Operation Cast Lead or Protective Edge or Pillar of Defense? How about Zionism for that matter? Frankly I don’t know shit about her aside from her election coverage, which was pretty good… but aside from that? Thing is, she got pretty high on herself pretty quickly and seems to feel like her fan base let her down when things didn’t work out the way she hoped. In her mind, it seems, she really thought her advocacy and exposure of all the wrongs of the previous election should have been enough to counteract the complacency of the masses resulting in some kind of mass epiphany and reversal of it all and when that didn’t happen… she became distraught and bitter. As I have written before, since I’ve been doing this for as long as I have (which really isn’t that long compared to others) I can empathize with her right up to the point where she gets angry and talks down to her own subscribers. That’s something I haven’t seen before and I think it comes from a place of extreme narcissism to be honest. She fully expected to jump into the fray and have an immediate effect and when she didn’t… well it had to be someone else’s fault. That’s what I see. Is she deliberate disinfo now? I don’t know but it really doesn’t matter because it’s disinfo she’s latched onto and it’s disinfo she’s pushing. Effect is the same either way.

  4. Still don’t know why you you have it in so much for Sane Progressive. Somewhat of a schoolboy crush perhaps? [just kidding]

    Before you write her off as a shill and disinfo etc. please view her piece on Bitchute entitled “Florida Shooting: Mainstream Media Disproves Their Own Story Through Their Own Evidence”. There is some very valid analysis there. Or don’t, whatever.

  5. Scott, here’s a really terrible article in the Guardian – who only seem to write terrible articles these days – basically justifying the recent closure of alternative media sites by tarring them all with the same brush. Of course, with a dose of Alex Jones thrown in for good measure, as usual.

    I had a feeling they would hit you with a third strike. Sorry about that happening, man. I am still amazed at some of the other channels, like Richie Allen, being completely wiped out!

  6. you should see this one:
    probably won’t be up for long

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