As Expected, My Youtube Channel has Been Terminated… for EXPOSING THE VEGAS “CRISIS ACTOR” DISINFO

by Scott Creighton

As I expected, while serving my 2 week suspension, Youtube gave me my third and final strike for violating their “community guidelines” late last night when I was asleep. They tend to do that, attack in the night when no one is watching… kinda like Death Squads sneaking into a neighborhood to black-bag some dissident while his friends and neighbors are asleep.

Since being given my 2nd strike my channel had gained about 150 subscribers. Overall the channel had grown from just at 2100 to about 3200 in the last 6 weeks.

As bad as I feel about the loss of the channel, I feel worse about the loss of all those comments. Some really good information has just slipped down the memory hole thanks to “do no evil” Google and their minions at Youtube.

The irony is, the video they gave me my last strike for was  “Las Vegas Shooting: What is the “No Real Victims” Theory and Who Does it Serve?”

 It was published on Oct. 30th 2017.

They went back 4 full months to find my third strike… and the one they found to justify the action they had pre-planned (my removal) was saying exactly the OPPOSITE of what they accused me of.

Makes you kinda wonder what Youtube actually wants, doesn’t it?

This is what I wrote in the description:

Yes there are crisis actors being used in various staged mass casualty events. I have exposed MANY over the years. But that does not mean this event was staged and there are NO VICTIMS. The evidence in this case is overwhelming that there were.

By far the hardest video for me to make since I have to call out a citizen journalist whom I have a great deal of respect for. But it needed to be said and nothing about the work I have done over the past 10 years has been particularly pleasant anyway.

The video puts to rest the “no blood/no victims” disinformation line that had been spreading all over the alternative media world by showing people scenes from the attack that folks like that argued didn’t exist. It was done for documentary purposes and for the first two minutes of the video, this is what was on the screen.

Interestingly enough, the channel that I was focusing on, the one pushing lies to support her thesis about “no victims in Vegas”, is still up and running and she is even still allowed to do live-stream videos, something you can’t do after ONE STRIKE. Her latest was about the “CRISIS INDUSTRY” and “Crowds on Demand”, a “crisis actor” contractor. In short, Sane Progressive is STILL doing “crisis actor” videos on Youtube… while I am gone.

Ironically on Feb. 1 2018 I wrote this:

All of a sudden on several fronts, I am receiving warnings from Twitter, getting searched on LinkedIn and take-down orders directed at my website. My Youtube channel, though very small by comparison, has sort of surged a bit over the last month and I wonder if now I’m on someone’s radar.

I just woke up to this this morning. Wasn’t feeling well yesterday and now, I feel worse.

I am very sorry to all those who subscribed to my channel. I did good work and I was honest about it but you know how it goes with Youtube, Google, Twitter and Facebook right now. I will publish every single one of those lost videos on my BitChute account. DTube (Steem) has not replied to my request for an account as of yet and I am starting to think they wont. Perhaps they’ve been infiltrated as well at this point, I don’t know. But it’s now been 5 days and I don’t hold out much hope that they will ever approve my request.

I guess I have to figure out how to publish directly to my WP account. Now that I have upgraded the site, perhaps that is a possibility. I will try to find out.

Very depressing folks. Very depressing indeed. After all that work, this is ultimately what I get for exposing the disinfo of the “Vegas Crisis Actors” bullshit.

18 Responses

  1. Sorry, Scott…

  2. Scott I think the censoring is too high – two of my comments got deleted

    [edit: my little troll is back, gloating over my being banned from Youtube and posting as another reader.

    typically I wouldn’t do this, but this little prick has posted about 10 comments so far, tried to take credit for something Google and Alphebet did and threatened to keep it up if I don’t allow him to post his ridiculous info-peddling comments on my site in the future. He is a little troll, a mouse of a human and now he pretends to be other readers. He is scum and has been getting paid to DISRUPT MY WEBSITE for YEARS.]

  3. Scott, erase all my comments. Someone has taken my password and is posting dumb stuff under my name!!!

  4. Sorry to hear that Scott. Very interesting that the two videos that got you banned are ones actually debunking fake information. It’s almost as if they want to keep the disinformation out there.

    • Debbie and Di$info Jone$ are posting vids as we speak. I don’t know what conclusions one can draw from that, but there it is. Remember, when you call ALL of these events “staged” or done with “crisis actors” you diminish the very real evidence that some are… and at the same time you undermine the serious work done by hundreds of citizen journalists out here. So yeah… keeping them up and running serves their interests.

  5. You got to admit though that this is hilarious. I’ve been watching this back and forth with willy and the bad guy and it’s probably the same thing google feels about willy! He is just as much a nuisance to corporate interests as the bad guy here is to this site. It’s beyond funny. I guess the abused becomes the abuser?

  6. I just clicked on the link, above, to your video, ” “Las Vegas Shooting: What is the “No Real Victims” Theory and Who Does it Serve?” I am getting a sign-in screen for Spectrum, and no way to register. Does this video still exist?

    • no. it has been pulled. and sorry about that. Spectrum does that with links embedded in emails for some reason. I will delete the link. the video is gone… as is my Youtube account.

      • Yes, I understand that–just thought you were able to migrate your videos to BitChute.

        • I am in the process of trying to process one but yesterday one of mine took 8 hours to process and I gave up on it. I guess I have to redo this one as well. I’m getting sick of it actually. Plus now I have found out that Dtube/Steem is a ponzi scheme and that is why I have to wait to be “approved”… they want me to go find one of two sites where I can pay a bribe to someone to get me approved instantly. I’m getting sick of all of it actually.

  7. So your whole account is just gone–they don’t even give you the ability to save what you’ve done?

    History erased.

    But you still have this website.

    • I still have the videos. I didn’t make them via their system, I recorded them on OBS on mine and uploaded them. if ever BitChute gets going processing the one today, I will begin to upload more older ones that Youtube just tried to hide. but BitChute is taking their sweet time processing

  8. Hard stuff to hear, man.

    I don’t post anymore (mind is AWOL), but I still read here, make what I can of it.

    Hope you find a way through it, or you’ll be sorely missed.

  9. “They” want to control the narrative. Your truth telling undermined their efforts.

  10. I posted a comment on the thread about your other youtube channel — I think avoiding some words in titles will slow them down in their attempts to purge thoughtcrime. Also, though, because YT is so easy to use, I think developing some guerilla techniques for using it would be awesome. (I feel dirty for even having tried to sign up for steem.) Have some back up accounts ready to go, use opaque titles and even avoid trigger phrases in video content, archive good comments. I guess eventually they might get around to banning your IP, but that won’t happen immediately. (I remember when 911blogger banned my IP way back in the day — even posted a pic of a boot stamping on a face, Star Trek style, but still ironic. Good times…)

  11. I got spam filed again, I think.

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