Parkland Shooting UPDATES

Sheriff defends response to school massacre  “According to Peterson’s lawyer, when he arrived at Building 1200, where authorities say all of the killings took place, Peterson said he heard gunshots but believed the gunshots were originating from outside a building on the schools campus.”

Internal Email Shows Broward Sheriff’s Office Urging Staffers to ‘Stand With’ Sheriff Israel  “The letter urges all staff members to support the embattled sheriff as the agency finds itself “up against a flurry of media allegations and a personal attack against our sheriff.”

The Broward County sheriff is everything that’s wrong with American authority  “The Broward County sheriff, whose disgraceful performance in the Stoneman Douglas shooting has been a master class in evasion of responsibility, is the latest entry in why we don’t trust our public institutions…The sheriff’s theory of leadership apparently doesn’t extend down to the people working for him. “I gave him a gun,” he said of the deputy in another interview. “I gave him a badge. I gave him the training. If he didn’t have the heart to go in, that’s not my responsibility.” The buck doesn’t stop with the sheriff, in other words; it stops with whomever he happens to give a badge and a gun.

Tucker Blasts FL Sheriff: ‘A Distinguished Record of Exceptional Ineptitude and Arrogance’  “He said Israel, a Democrat, has a “distinguished record of exceptional ineptitude and arrogance.”

Broward Deputies Reportedly Told Not To Enter School During Shooting Unless Body Cameras Were On  “Ingraham went on to report that the deputies didn’t even have body cameras at all. They also lost “radio communication” during the shooting. The source further told The Ingraham Angle that they also lost radio communication during the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting last year. And on top of that, some of the radio communications from the shooting either are “missing” or “weren’t recorded.”

March for Our Lives’ Is The Spearhead For A CIA Coup  “The March for Our Lives, scheduled for March 24, is being promoted by the manipulative media as an youth initiative by five Parkland school “survivors” led by the son of Kevin Hogg, who is one of James Comey’s FBI agents. In fact, the actual permit holder for the upcoming Washington D.C. rally for gun control is not the Parkland students but instead Everytown for Gun Safety, a controversial lobby group, notorious for its inflated estimates of gun-related violence…

…In article titled “Video delays misled cops at Stoneman Douglas shooting”, reporters with the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel explained: “The Broward School District’s security cameras did not provide real-time video for police during the (day of the) shooting, and an outdated radio system provided further confusion. . . . Police thought they were seeing (the fleeing suspect) live on security cameras, still in the building. They were actually seeing images tape-delayed (by at least 30 minutes).” Or perhaps the inserted video scenes were prerecorded at a staged rehearsal. The county school superintendent was baffled by the technically impossible error in constant real-time video: “There would be no point in having a video system in the school with a delay. Why would anybody have that?” A security-studies professor who heads a national active-shooter program at Texas State University was quoted in the Sun-Sentinel as responding: “I’ve never heard of that before.” In addition, police officers told the reporters that their radio scanner reception was blocked by “some sort of feedback”. The Sun-Sentinel disclosed that similar radio breakdowns hampered police response to the mass shooting at the Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood Airport a year ago January. That airport shooting “overwhelmed the county’s antiquated radio system, disrupting communications. Some policemen could hear but not talk as they were trying to determine if there was a second shooter…

… The electronic warfare used for the exfiltration phase of Operation Parkland had to be precisely coordinated with the movements of three assailants, and their forward observer, who must have used a different frequency with communications to their headquarters. Not surprising, the former Navy flyer aboard a carrier, Kevin Ralph Hogg is employed at Cubic Simulations Systems in nearby Pompano Beach, which develops programs and graphics for military training and operations. Under DOD contracts, Cubic divides its various ops-planning sections into different regions of the country. Cubic’s Pompano staff, where the father of Parkland student David Hogg works, focuses on joint-services commando operations such a hostage rescue or strikes on terrorist homes, using cyber tech developed by the IDF cyberwar division

GoFundMe page for “March for Our Lives”2.7 million dollars raised for “The funds will be spent on the incredibly difficult and expensive process that is organzing a march like this… and everything left over will be going to the victims’ funds.”

more to follow

8 Responses

  1. You’ve probably seen this but the CNN/MSNBC devoted hysterical left won’t. This woman needs witness protection and the whole thing needs a full independent investigation. This is looking like exactly what we know it is … undeniably. I’m still shocked.

  2. Great catches, thank you for the through and professional coverage you are giving this!
    Same situation with the Boston Marathon, communications were down as well as on 9/11.

    • I want you to understand what I was talking about with the little troll before. Why I got upset when you said you agreed with him in part. There is nothing that troll wrote that I agree with, nor the Supreme Court or the VAST MAJORITY of Americans agree with.

      His assertion that BUSINESS has a right to censor free speech and that the 1st amendment ONLY applies to the government has been debated and settled in this country a long time ago.

      Business does not have a right to tell black customers they can’t sit at a lunch counter.
      Business does not have a right to tell gay people they aren’t going to get hired so they should apply ‘somewhere else”
      Business does not have a right to tell women they are worth less than a man’s labor is worth because they are female.

      Millions of people over the decades fought long, tough battles over these issues and in the end the outcomes were always the same.

      When out little troll here made that comment, it was in the vein of the olden days where folks like him figured Big Business was always above such trivialities and if folks felt offended, it was always their fault, not the business’

      Trollboy came back last night posting as 5 different personas all with the same IP address, supporting each other and presenting themselves as a plurality, which is what professional trolls do. He did this late at night so he could take a screenshot of it and try to use it as some kind of validation I guess of his “work” here, knowing full well as soon as I saw his efforts and new personas, they would be erased. That’s how trolls work. he’s been doing that kind of shit here for about 4 years now. So please don’t encourage him… especially not on something like this which has been at the heart of various civil rights movements for decades.

      • Remember this was an issue with shopping malls, too, back when it became clear that people weren’t going to get out and walk around anywhere but a nice warm mall. The closest public space — the sidewalk — was on the distant horizon across acres of parking lot. At that point free speech advocates were able to argue that the big open spaces in malls were quasi-public enough to require mall owners to defer to some people wanting to engage in political speech. So in ballot measure-crazy Oregon, at least, there are tables where people are collecting signatures in malls, on “private property.” Once a company like YouTube becomes ubiquitous and bullies smaller competitors out of the marketplace, that kind of thinking is gonna have to apply to them as well, IMO.

      • I posted a reply to this… did it get spamulated?

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