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  1. Amazing video, Scott. Thanks a lot for the link. Incredible what this man was able to say on Sky. More truth than 7 years of the BBC and UK media. Cheers.

  2. Off subject, but re BitChute and your difficulty uploading: One thing you need to be aware of with BitChute is that it is a peer-to-peer network and you are essentially giving BitChute permission to use your CPU for unrelated tasks. Also, your ISP may be slowing this down since most ISPs slow down torrent like data transfers. Essentially your own computer and all others in the BitChute network are sharing all the processing power instead of having a central server. Both Bitchute and Steem have pros and cons, one of the cons being that they also prone to malware attacks from what I heard.

  3. Thanks for uploading that video on your website. Sky News is terrible, but here they actually let an opposing viewpoint through. Needless to say, it was a LIVE interview, but they, like the rest of Western corporate media, spew propaganda 24/7. My guess is that they can now pat themselves on the back and use this very rare instance as an alibi for themselves in terms of providing ‘balanced’ coverage. What a sick joke.

  4. I had seen the exact opposite, propaganda-filled opinion on Syria and East Ghouta earlier yesterday on Sky News. I love that this made it on. I do not watch Sky News often but this stark conflict and contrast was wonderful to see. But I have to wonder why? They knew what he was going to say or at least what his POV was. Did they think she could out debate him? The plug would have been pulled, the mic cut off, something here in the US. I always wonder when the little bit of truth looks like it is slipping though.

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