Bloomberg, Patriarch and Financier of Parkland Students “Activists”, Said Years Ago “our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution, I think, have to change”

by Scott Creighton

The actions of the authorities from Broward County surrounding the event that took place on Feb. 14th, 2018 are, at best, highly questionable at this point and at worst, extremely suspect.

Jake Tapper, Tucker Carlson and others are openly wondering about the events of that day and the various responses or lack thereof by the Broward County Sheriff’s office which is led by Sheriff Israel, a man who not only says things like “the lion doesn’t care about the opinions of the sheep” and “if if’s and buts were candy and nuts” or some other such nonsense… but in fact, he is a self-admitted champion of Billionaire Bloomberg’s war on the 2nd Amendment and, according to Israel, has been for years.

For the past week Youtube, Facebook and Twitter have been steadily attacking any “little person” who dares ask questions about the events at Stoneman Douglas High School that day. Their hopes were to force others to restrict their commentary regarding the shooting to more, establishment oriented views. For the most part, they have been successful.

However, as the MSM starts asking serious questions and more and more info comes out regarding the outrageous circumstances surrounding the event, even this kind of heavy-handed censorship from Youtube and Google can’t stem the tide of public curiosity and outrage.

  • Security cameras supposedly on a 30-minute delay (or maybe they weren’t)
  • recording from police scanners being erased or found “missing”
  • the BSO representative at the school (who’s JOB it is to protect students) resigned because he was FILMED hiding outside as the shooting took place
  • Sheriff Israel telling the press they will never see the security camera footage
  • 3 other BSO deputies arrive and also remain outside hiding behind their vehicles
  • eyewitness TEACHER stating she thought the shooter was a COP due to the outfit he was wearing
  • other witnesses stating they saw two or even three shooters, students having to wait 45 MINUTES before officers came to their rooms to remove them
  • EMS first responders told by BSO deputies they couldn’t enter the building to save dying CHILDREN
  • officers reporting their communication systems were cutting off keeping them from knowing what was going on
  • suspect recorded on Walmart security system buying a soda while officers were still searching for shooter and cameras show he was still in the building
  • officers saw one kid who was wearing a bullet-proof vest, his father, who is with the police department, gave it to him

Less than 24 hours after the shooting, Sheriff Israel gave a press conference in which he:

  • demanded more money for policing departments across the country, including his
  • demanded authority to detain people against their will due to social media posts he thought were “disturbing”

Now Sheriff Israel defends his department’s reaction to the shooting, refuses to take any personal responsibility for it and has rejected calls (from 72 Florida lawmakers) to resign.

Keep in mind, years ago when the shooting at the Ft. Lauderdale airport occurred, several of the same issues came to bear on the investigation that followed and Sheriff Israel was also in charge of that scene.

As bad as all of this is, and it’s bad… what I am about to share with you is arguably worse.

This planned “March for Our Lives” propaganda rally, which is reportedly being organized by the students from Stoneman Douglas, is actually the brain-child of former mayor Michael Bloomberg and his staff of CIA-linked “advisors” at Everytown for Gun Safety.

Bloomberg has been pimping out these kids since day one of this propaganda campaign, many of them armed in the early days with that obvious lie about 18 School Shootings This Year” fed to them by their handlers from Everytown for Gun Safety, which is where that particular piece of disinformation came from. Once it was proven to be a lie, the kids dropped that talking point like a hot potato.

They have set up a GoFundMe page for the “planning” of the march which is well on it’s way to collect over 3 million dollars for the “planning” of the event. What’s not spent… goes to the victims’ fund (surely to be managed by Kennith Feinstein again)

Considering Michael Bloomberg’s sticky fingerprints are all over these children spokespeople, it’s valid to take a closer look at him and all the “humanitarian” things he has stood for over the years.

Billionaire Bloomberg pushed the privatization of public educations system scam hard in his first term in office in New York. Crippling public schools via under-funding so he could sell them off to for-profit businesses run by his friends was a major part of his first term in office. Tens of thousands of young, underprivileged children were handled like commodities during the process and their education suffered tremendously as a result.

Then Billionaire Bloomberg pushed the “Stop and Frisk” program by his police department, racially profiling young people of color, essentially stopping them on the street for no other reason, demanding to see their papers and run a cop’s hands through their pockets looking for anything illegal they might find. Bloomberg defended his Nazi-esque program saying it keeps New Yorkers “safe”

Lastly, and perhaps most telling, Michael Bloomberg once called for more intrusive spying on US citizens saying we needed it, once again, to be “safer”… and oh yeah… he said we need to get over that whole “CONSTITUTION THING”

Mayor Bloomberg calls for more surveillance & to change interpretation of Constitution

Sometimes it may not seem like it, but American citizens have rights that are protected by the Constitution. In the aftermath of 9/11, there were cases when some of these rights were whittled down to stubs. But now New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg has hefted an axe and wielded it down on the very paper our country was founded on; he proclaimed that to provide greater security, America’s interpretation of the Constitution will “have to change.”…

in a press conference covered by Politicker, Mayor Bloomberg stated:

The people who are worried about privacy have a legitimate worry. But we live in a complex world where you’re going to have to have a level of security greater than you did back in the olden days, if you will. And our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution, I think, have to change.

On one front after another Billionaire Bloomberg has made it clear, he hates the constitution and wants to change it.

The question is… how far will he go to see that happen?

4 Responses

  1. How can those kids keep blindly following this path when, surely, they are smart enough to now realize the shooting was planned by someone other than Cruz,,,, they are being used…. surely they know that now.

    • Jan, Jan, Jan…. change “kids” for “the American nation” and go on and ask
      “… blindly following the path to their ruin in all aspects in their lives when surely they should be smart enough to realize they are being used and squeezed like disposable tools.”

  2. This article is an excellent resource. Thank you!

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