I am now on BitChute and Waiting to Hear Back from Steem (D-tube)… there IS life after Youtube CENSORSHIP

Hi guys. In the wake of the Youtube censorship I have taken a day to lick my wounds and now I’m moving on by signing up with both BitChute and D-tube. I am waiting for approval from Steem but I have already posted yesterday’s video on my BitChute channel (americaneveryman) which is here… https://www.bitchute.com/channel/americaneveryman/

When I hear back from Steem and get my D-tube channel up and running I will post that link as well.

There is life after Youtube. I hope those 20,000 minimum wage thought police interns who are now YT’s censorship team all rot in hell, those talent-less cretins. I hope they all save up their nickles they get paid by Alphabet, buy a cheap starter home someplace with their equally sycophantic mates and it gets eaten by termites, falls over, bursts into flames and sinks into the swamp of their mediocrity.

hee hee

Thanks for all the well wishes. I will be working on that list of Gladio events later today. Will have it ready for tomorrow and maybe I will make a video for it… and post it somewhere other than Youtube.

8 Responses

  1. Onward and upward, congratulations!!!

  2. Good for you! It’s time to abandon the sinking ship that is youtube.

  3. Great !! 🙂

  4. YES, there is. Glad to see you making the moves. It will take time to build, move followers, but it really needs to be done. Thank you.

  5. If you build it they will come.

  6. MC said it well:
    “Freedom of expression is threatened.  With the emergence of “The New McCarthyism”, what is required is an effective counter-propaganda campaign which challenges the mainstream protagonists of “fake news”. In the words of Michael Keefer: “Truth is the goal and the aspiration of honest critical researchers and scholars; it is not a verb, nor something one does, nor a fetish object to be carried in one’s pocket and brandished in the face of doubters.”
    It is essential that the relevant information and analysis reach the broader public.
    At this juncture in our history, it is essential  to reach out to people across the land, nationally and internationally on the derogation of fundamental human  rights, the impoverishment of large sectors of the World population, the causes and consequences of US-led wars, not to mention the extensive war crimes and atrocities which are routinely obfuscated by the corporate media.
    The Western corporate media is controlled by a handful of powerful business syndicates. The media conglomerates which control network TV and the printed press must be challenged through cohesive actions which reveal the lies and falsehoods.”


  7. I went to Bitchute and watched your video about ‘israel should be fired’, but when I logged in to leave a comment, I forgot my password… and I can’t find it anywhere !
    so, yes, he should be fired. He probably caused the death of some children by not getting first aid to them quicker. The kids were losing blood… the officers could have saved lives. Scott Israel has no morals…. he had a political agenda. Was he protecting the ‘shooters’ ?
    And that officer that is being held captive in is own home should be rescued.

  8. I can’t wait to see you on Steemit. I am @creationofcare.

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