Youtube has Banned Me from Uploading Videos for Two Weeks (they are about to scrub my channel)

by Scott Creighton

While giving and interview this morning I received word from Youtube that they pulled an older video of mine and gave me my second community guideline strike without informing me of what guideline I had violated. They pulled the video, gave me TWO additional strikes for the price of one… informed me that I can’t post videos for two weeks… and it looks like they are about to delete my Youtube channel.

In the past month and a half I have grown the channel by about 900 subscribers.

Here is the email they sent me:

Here is a screenshot of the strikes against me:

Here is a screenshot of my analytics page:

I am sure they will level another strike against me (for an old video of course) before I am allowed to post videos again. They are about to delete my Youtube channel probably due to the last video I put up.

Please feel free to download my videos and use them however you see fit. This is very depressing.

24 Responses

  1. I am so sorry. I don’t know what host you use but you may want to look at the several host companies Jim Stone recommends, this is a link to his site:

  2. Do you have an email address for these people, so we can call to complain? Geez, I can’t stand this suppression of information and alternative viewpoints. We have become the Soviet Union.

  3. Hi. I am a very new viewer to your channel, but am quite alarmed and upset that your First Amendment Rights are being violated in this way! This is CRAZY! The only reason this is happening is because you are getting people’s attention and getting the TRUTH out there, and this is just more proof that what you are stating are stone cold FACTS. Makes me want to pull my hair out…
    You are a PATRIOT, sir! Thank you for all you have done, and please let us know what we can do to help you out in ANY way that we can…

  4. That sucks, Scott. You’re actually pretty polite and careful as far as YouTubers go. This is a definite trend I’ve noticed in just the past couple months. Try steemit?

  5. Please check out, DTube, Twitch or even Vimeo. All are alternate platforms. Less people than YouTube for now. You may really like steem. It’s a blog that you can upload videos to. Anyway, I really like your point of view and hope to see you back on YouTube or at least somewhere. Please keep us posted! —Bryan

  6. Odd they would pull your “9:32” video since it’s one exposing the fact that another video was faked/edited. Perhaps it was the swearing? Either way it’s clear that there needs to be a viable alternative to YouTube.

  7. A badge of honor.

  8. Are you able to save what’s on your channel? Maybe migrate it to Vimeo, if you can. Peekay (if you know his work, on the Boston Bombing and other things) did that.

  9. Hey Scott,

    You may want to look at, DTube, Vimeo or Twitch. You may really like steemit. It’s a blog that lets you post videos via DTube and they pay you for your content. I hope YouTube realizes their error and grants your appeal. It’s still a scary platform to continue on, but unfortunately has the biggest audience. Hope to see your videos back somewhere soon. I really like your point of view and honest reporting. This is my 2nd attempt at posting something. Hopefully it works this time. —Bryan

  10. sorry to hear it. i have been banned for quite a while now.

  11. You can also upload to the Internet Archive. Free account. No hassles.

  12. With all of this banning of free speech, youtube needs to be the subject of a boycott.

    Beginning right here and now. Let them know!

  13. I did warn you a few days ago Scott if you remember. Quite a number of channels carrying similar content had already gone at that stage. The fascists are on the march. It’s going to get worse before better I fear.

  14. I am so sorry American man ..we love you too ..this is all bs and I have been watching your videos lately and they are very conservative!! Very good but you know what I mean..this is horrible!! I am extremely.sorry for those people doing this to u !! They did it with me 2 strikes, Charlton 2 strikes another channel Tony just told me he was deleted!! This is way over the top. !!

    • “extremely.sorry for those people doing this to u !! ”

      They are not doing it to him. They are doing it to us. They keep score and know that 900 subscribers is not taking into account the thousands that watch the videos without subscribing. They cannot afford to have that many people, and more to come, informed.

    • someone told me According to Joe is gone now. I went and looked and it’s true. Guy was a former cop and they took his channel down. way over the top

  15. Move to D-Tube

  16. I guess the bright side, if there is one, is that now you will return to just posting written content here–I’ve missed your writing!

  17. “You’re big bully, Willy” according to butt-hurt YT. You probably made sheriff Israhell’s gerbil friend emotionally unstable. So comes the ban.

    Glad that you f**ked ’em and moved on to other platforms.

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