Sheriff Israel Says Motive “he’s pure Evil” – ADMITS his Deputy was There and Did NOTHING

Still working through this. It appears Sheriff Israel admits there are security camera videos from the exits of the building but says we will NEVER see them.

Also admits one of his deputies was outside the West entrance for most of the shooting and did nothing to stop it.

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  1. Maybe the Deputy did not go in because he knew he was not supposed to interfere with the shooters…….. but he wanted to go in ?

  2. i don’t know if they’ve changed the story, but they initially said they arrested cruz because they recognized him from the video surveillance meaning someone radioed in what he was wearing because they saw him LIVE on the system. He did’t specifically say they still had recorded video.

    • just double-checked that. cnn reported 6 days ago that a witness who saw cruz arrive at the school identified him at the site of his arrest. the next statement is that authorities identified cruz using school security videos.
      i think they’ll play down the video. after all, they don’t want to have to show it in court as evidence. pretty convenient, then, that cruz immediately confessed.

    • the first story that was reported at about 10:50pm that night was he texted his “father” and HE turned him in. Then at 11:15 Israel gave a presser and said he was identified via video.

      • this is kind of weird, but my comment from 9:55 seems to be mixed with someone else’s. not sure how that would happen.

        • lol. That’s me. I meant to add a line to my comment I left in reply to yours but since it was late and I was tired, I must have hit the edit button on your comment instead. 🙂 sorry bout that.

  3. How many more days til the perps confess Exercise Drill

    • Are T H E Y gonna get away with this blatant hoax?

      Are there any fotos of the actual crime scene-room22?—CARNAGE?

      • we’ll see if i’m wrong, but somehow i don’t think they’ll even release video of the kid entering the school.

        • Case Closed because a patsy frame-up ‘con/fession’ ?

          No evidence need be presented?

          These traitors must all be HANGED.

          ( isn’t there even just ONE little PO-lice that will fess up!
          deth to a Murdika?

          • well it turns out there wasn’t just one cop who didn’t enter the school; today’s news says there were three more deputies on scene who didn’t enter the school to confront the shooter. the first one reported — scot peterson — was suspended & resigned shortly after. he now has several police guarding his home — kinda reminds me of sandy hook (i think they’re just attempting to control information). i figure those cops were merely following instructions for their roll in the DRILL, but now that the info has been made public, the PD has to leave them hang out to dry.

  4. scott, what’s happening to the comments? last night i noticed that a comment i left was somehow jumbled up with someone else’s & today i see half the comments are gone from this thread.

  5. Scott is at the doctor’s right now. He’ll be depressed about this also. You are right. comments are missing.Wordpress must be doing it.

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