My Take on Last Night’s CNN Town Hall Meeting

Pardon the dropped frame rate when viewing videos (doesn’t happen often in this video) OBS for some reason and I can’t figure out why.

The Town Hall meeting doesn’t seem like it was productive and this one history teacher seemed like she was determined to kill any possibility of folks coming together around the many issues they discussed that night. All because she doesn’t understand the 2nd Amendment and wants to do away with it.

video of the town hall

6 Responses

  1. I posted the link to the YT video of the entire event under your previous post. Why didn’t that appear?

  2. You sound like you believe this was a real shooting event by a person who perhaps was not a patsy of the “government.”

    • since we hire so many ruthless killers across the world when we want to destabilize countries by terrorizing people, I start all of these from the position that they are real events with assigned patsies unless I see reason to otherwise assume a different starting point. some start with them all being fake and ignore all evidence to the contrary. In this case I think the evidence so far supports the theory that at least two shooters went in and shot the place up with at least one of them being reluctant to shoot kids (as per an eyewitness statement) When I see valid evidence to the contrary I will report it and I may in fact eventually change my position like I did with Sandy Hook.

      • What purpose is served by the survival of the assigned patsy?

        In the case of the Boston Marathon bombing, that only happened by sheer accident. As for the Batman massacre, perhaps the trial was supposed to advance some now-forgotten propaganda campaign. I suppose in this case, we will find out when it happens.

        • I’m not so sure he was supposed to. he took the day off, changed his routine and went out for a walk apparently. then he was in a Subway buying a soda when the shooter was on the second floor. that screwed everything. I guess they had a system in play ready to go for that day and couldn’t reschedule so they went ahead with the plan figuring they could put out an APB for him afterward and there were too many eyewitnesses where they found him to just shoot him, or that cop wasn’t in on it. i don’t know. its odd.

  3. Mom and Dad were the kind to applaud that crap. It’s bloody shocking as Gramp’s was at Vimy Ridge.
    Such a pathetic shame to witness this, this, Demonic Plague of Cowardice.

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