Parkland Shooting: Let’s Dispel With That “9:32 shooting Video” Disinformation Shall We?

The video making the rounds right now that folks claim David Hogg states is being made at “9:32” is a fraud. It is disinformation. A honeypot trap set to snare anyone who promotes it. Don’t know who made it or why but it’s clearly edited and probably not by David Hogg.

Stuff like this is designed to suck in us “illogical conspiracy theorists” and then blow up in our faces. It’s a trap and a poorly made one at that. Either someone did it from outside the Hogg frame of influence or they did it themselves so they could later claim it was simply a “mistake”

Either way… don’t fall for it.

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GoPreLoad version Feb. 20

4Chan Feb. 20

original video on Miami Herold Feb. 15

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3 Responses

  1. I just read:
    the article is re his inheritance and says the judge may order him to get private counsel which as far as I am concerned is the best thing that could happen to him. I can only imagine how many people will be trying to get rights as his and his brother’s “guardians.”
    Good for you for catching the info on his inheritance so early!

  2. CNN wants to make sure that everybody gets with the program:

  3. Thought this comment on ZeroHedge might be of interest:
    Jimmy Jones (poster)
    “Seriously CNN you messed up this whole OP, Hogg was a complete screw up, first a California interview, then he interns for you, then you interview him as a random student organizer, his dad’s former FBI that just so Happened to make a MILLIONS on real estate deals.”

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