Victims of War Crimes: Afghan citizens submit 1.2mn statements to ICC

Youtube has now installed a line under every RT video that says “RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government” Yes indeedie boys and girls, we are going full House Un-American Activities Committee real soon. I wonder if Bernie will be the next McCarthy

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  1. I agree with the suspicious push for Cold War 2.0, but I don’t see anything wrong with stating the obvious – Russia today is funded by the Russian government.

    • i can’t imagine they’ll do the same with PBS or BBC (which are funded by the US & UK govts). what they’re implying with their label is that RT’S info is russian propaganda & not “legitimate” news.

    • then they should also make sure to label ABC, NBC, MSNBC, FOX and all the rest as corporate owned wholly subsidized entities of Western government propaganda. In a fascist state like the US you can’t tell where Big Business ends and government begins so saying our media is “independent” is ridiculous.

  2. It looks to me like RT is a mercenary and unpatriotic outfit that takes payment from the Russian government to broadcast official news.
    By contrast, CNN for one, and not the only one, does not demand a penny from the CIA and other intelligence agencies whose “raw intel” it uses free of charge to make sure the American people are well informed of what new enemies we have who hate our way of life and democracy and what oppressed nations gassed by their blood-thirsty tyrants need our humanitarian intervention.

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