Parkland Shooting: About Those “18 school shootings” This Year…

It’s not even close to 18 to be factual. Here’s a break-down of all of them.

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According to Joe video article

USA Today article


Washington Post

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  1. What caught my attention was a young survivor on video giving a well rehearsed political statement quoting that very statistic (the bogus one), immediately following the shooting. Couldn’t believe what I was watching … it was so obviously rehearsed in advance.

  2. When the fire alarm rang near the end of the school day on Wednesday at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, teacher Ernest Rospierski assumed it was a “code red” drill.
    Earlier that day at a staff meeting, teachers had been told there would soon be a “code red” or “lockdown” drill — in which teachers and students practice their response to an immediate threat — but they hadn’t been told the date.
    That was from a Miami herald article.

    Here’s more from Parkland High senior Richard Doan:
    “We were on our way downstairs when I saw kids running back inside. Teachers yelled at us to run as well. I ran as directed, but in the back of my mind, I thought it was just a drill. There was a rumor going around that we’d have an active shooter drill on campus, and that’s what many of us thought it was.”

    So the “shooting” took place on the day students and teachers were told they would be having active shooter drill, and that’s what they all thought was happening until they were told otherwise by authorities.

    • it’s nearly embarrassing. With a name of israel/ broward sheriff budget of $700+million/ 7800employees/ this despicable entity
      commits a blatant hoax. Read nodisinfo blog for best analysis.
      & ‘sheriff’ ‘israel’ yearns for big political position as his Gestapo award.
      Joowish broward are ye proud?(p.s. i’m descended from survivors of the germ-genocide. )

    • yeah look up “New Knowledge”–Jonathan Morgan et al.
      They are CIA NSA etc. Right off the bat, they readily admit
      they are the bots AND counter-bots. Typical CIA cut-out strategy.

      Damn this EvilEmpire –the millions of corporate govt fascist stooges with guns & badges.

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