Interview Suggests Nikolas Cruz Wasn’t a “Monster” After All (and was about to be rich)

In this video I discuss the Obama administration’s long history of undermining your constitutional protections and explain how “common sense” gun laws are a continuation of that assault on your civil liberties.

I also discuss an interview which recently came out with the couple that had taken in Nikolas Cruz. According to them not only was he not the monster everyone seems to be trying to present him as… but he stood to inherit a lot of money in a short time. He had everything to look forward to.

And again, there is no motive for this latest mass casualty event. Just like all those that came before it.

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Nikolas Cruz: ‘We had this monster living under our roof and we didn’t know’

Hundreds rally in Fort Lauderdale for more restrictions on firearms

‘We will be the last mass shooting’

Obama rolls out “common sense” gun action

Sheriff Israel Calls for “More Power” to Snatch Up Citizens for Online Comments

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my NDAA coverage

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12 Responses

  1. so sad.
    all that money he will inherit and it will be too late to hire a good lawyer for him.
    That money… can Rick Scott get a hold of it? Also, doesn’t the courts publish inheritance accounts that are still in probate? Would that have given the State or the governor motivation to ‘steal it’?

  2. I agree, none of this makes sense other than to support the Patsy angle.
    I wondered about two recent events. One was the absolutely useless lawyer saying that he would plead guilty and there would be no need for a trial just go straight to sentencing, I wondered why the rush? Second event was his younger brother being picked up and put in a mental hospital.
    Both actions now make sense if there would be money for a real lawyer in April.
    They have to get him in a jail fast and they have to keep the younger brother from speaking to him and possibly getting the foster parents to use the money they had coming to get a real lawyer for him.
    This is the same route they took with the surviving brother in Boston. My heart breaks for these boys.

  3. [edit: I’m sick of lying disinfo assets like this. go make your money pushing someone else’s opinion elsewhere]

    • First: You are assuming the only asset was the house. And if an estate goes into probate it can take several months for assets to be released.
      Second: this entire event stinks to high heaven, this kid couldn’t have masterminded a ham sandwich let alone a mass shooting. Scott is entirely right in my opinion.

  4. I agree that this looks like a big push toward a police state in which dissidents will be locked up in mental hospitals on the grounds that they have a mental illness that is dangerous to others. 9-11Truthers, Holocaust Revisionists and Constitutionalists will especially be endangered here. However we’ll see if they can pull this off. Let us have no fear in any case. These birds can be beat.

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