Parkland Shooting: Sheriff Israel Calls for Reeducation Camps

And he has been calling for “common sense” gun laws… for YEARS.

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links after break

Sheriff Israel Calls for “More Power” to Snatch Up Citizens for Online Comments

press conference 11am Feb. 15, 2018

Sheriff Israel endorses Hillary Clinton

Sheriff’s Roger Stone buddy

Sheriff Scott Israel: “Pass Common Sense Gun Legislation Now”

Skype: americaneveryman

2 Responses


    the above link is the political cartoons about this ‘crazy-camp’ idea. A lot of people are against this. The third cartoon is great…..
    I tried to post a copy of it but it wouldn’t ‘paste’…
    have fun and look at them.

  2. Law Man should stick within the realm of subject matter he swore to uphold. I Miss JFK

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