Medicare Fraudster Rick Scott Wants FBI Director Chris Wray to Resign

Medicare fraudster Rick Scott wants FBI Director Chris Wray to resign over a missed opportunity to intervene in the Nikolas Cruz case back in early January. Its funny listening to Gov. Scott talk about how much he cares for Florida families after he’s cause so much pain to so many of them over the years.

Where are the videos showing Cruz leaving that building? What was his motive again?

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links after the break

RT video

Washington Post article

HA Goodman video

Rick’s Medicare ripoff

Rick’s Medicaid privatization

Rick denies poor kids dental care

Rick’s welfare drug screening scam

Rick using private email server… just like Hillary Clinton

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2 Responses

  1. well done, Scott


    the above link is a long write up about the people Cruz lived with. They say Cruz was a good person… was not cruel to animals …..
    the woman was a nurse and her husband was military?

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