Parkland Shooting: Witness Says “3 Shooters” and Indicates They Were Wearing Masks

This young girl says there were three shooters and seems to indicate they were wearing masks.

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witness video

video from inside classroom

HighImpactFlix video

Sheriff Israel Calls for “More Power” to Snatch Up Citizens for Online Comments

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  1. Unrelated but too good to pass up before it gets cold:
    Our government loves us like the Apple of its eye, that’s why it doesn’t want us to buy phones and other products made by Apple’s foreign competitors, which may be dangerous to us: they may actually SPY on us!!! Our government doesn’t want anyone who doesn’t love us (as it does) to spy on us.

    • wow!
      they are really tightening the noose around us….. forcing us to buy only their listening devices. Don’t buy any. What about those radio ham devices?

  2. Did you see in the probable cause affidavit that Cruz is employed by Douglas high school?

  3. On kaden culpeppers fb Page under one of his tributes to coach Feis, the little sister Johanna Leighann Feis comments :


    DO NOT LISTEN TO THE NEWS! I’m his little sister and we still do not have ANY INFORMATION. He’s covered by the blood of Jesus so he has no option but to be okay

  4. It was Eric Holder who said in 1995: «We “really need to brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way».
    Once again, we have the «false flag» formula, from a drill at the same place and time of the scene, conflicting accounts from eyewitnesses, no military background by the «patsy» though he shoots fast and accurately, immediate calls for gun control; to crisis actors.
    Next chapter might be (perhaps) Nicholas Cruz’ death… just to clear evidence.

  5. overheard:

    Earlier that Valentine’s Day, teacher Ernest Rospierski said faculty members were told during a staff meeting that there would soon be a Code Red lockdown drill, but they hadn’t been told the date.

    It was mentioned that 12 people had died inside the school building, and two in the hospital. He also said two died outside and one in the street. Two days after, that was still puzzling investigators. As far as they could determine, Cruz never fired outside Building 12. They have a couple of possible explanations: Those victims were struck by bullets that flew outside through windows as Cruz sprayed classrooms with the powerful rifle. Or some injured people made their way outside before collapsing.

    • So … you’re just sayin’ stuff? You haven’t acyually said anything though.

      • Sometimes, given factors that prevent further investigation on my part, I have to state it as “overheard”. In essence, I personally have not run it through the rabbit hole test. Like the old calculus text would state…the proof is left as an exercise to the reader. However, the salient point being that the official narrative is most often subject to questions that don’t quite seem to get answered sufficiently.

  6. […] – Parkland Shooting: Witness Says “3 Shooters” and Indicates They Were Wearing Masks […]

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