Parkland Shooting: With an Attorney Like Melissa McNeil, Who Needs a Prosecutor

Prosecutor Melissa McNeil is busy selling out her client and moving up that career path. G5 baby! That’s how she’s gonna roll. Unfortunately she seems to be rolling over her clients in the process.

We get closer to Idiocracy every day.

Arrest report details alleged confession, gun purchase of Parkland shooting suspect

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5 Responses

  1. According to the booking report, Nikolas Cruz lived at

    8442 Lakeview Trail
    Parkland Florida 33076

    for the last 228 months.

    That condo is for sale and the property photos corroborate CNN’s video of Cruz shooting his pellet gun in the back yard.

    Since the place was built in 2015, isn’t it technically impossible for Cruz to have lived there for the last 19 years? No wonder investigators weren’t able to locate him after all of his social media warning signs, it seems they still don’t even know where he lived.

    • they know he lived with his parents until his mother died. then he went to live with an Aunt,,, briefly. He then went to live with the parents of his friend who said he was well behaved.

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