Youtube Pulled My Video for Asking Questions

I showed a video you can watch on CNN all day long. Only I asked some questions about it so Youtube hit me with an age restriction saying I was being “sensational” or “disrespectful” but I didn’t change the vid because my audience isn’t 13-year-olds like Logan Paul’s is… so they then pulled the video themselves because now it’s considered “bullying” I never mentioned any kid’s name and their faces aren’t shown in the vid. I just asked questions about it. Making this video will probably get me another strike since now I am talking about Google backing gun-grabbing laws. Can’t help that. But please down load this one and any others you might like. Feel free. Asking questions about major events AS A JOURNALIST is now “predatory behavior” in the eyes of Youtube and Google. That’s just great isn’t it?

2 Responses

  1. To bully, by the accepted definition, is “to badger and intimidate smaller or weaker people.” Youtube thereby implicitly admitted that they are “smaller and weaker.”
    How do you bully them? By asking questions that make them and their equally small and weak friends (like Google and others) very uncomfortable, and not just once but over and over, which amounts to badgering. You big, bad bully, why don’t you pick someone your own size?

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