Parkland School Shooting: Alexa Miednik Statement and Conflicting Versions of Cruz’ Identification

Does Alexa actually say she heard shots after seeing Cruz? And what about the two very different versions of how they identified the shooter from last night? How can they be so different?


KHOU segment

Alexa Miednik interview

CBS Miami segment

Sheriff’s public information page

Sheriff’s press release from last night

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  1. It’s so sad to see your accelerating mental deterioration. You used to be far more rational and often informative. Sadly, over the last 12 months you seem far more unstable and paranoid. Maybe you should confront and seek help for your issues.

    • @Mark Pugner,

      The points being raised in Scott’s presentation are substantive, valuable and much appreciated. Breaking down these sorts of events is one of Scott’s strong points and he makes a real contribution here.

      The account of shoots being fired from other parts of the school is important and obviously not be covered by the MSM. We understood how the timing of this event fit as distraction from activity currently going on in DC but now we begin to understand how it could indeed be a set up using this pasty as the fall guy. That would go along with videos showing the suspect weaving while standing outside the police car. While it would be nice to get a real toxicology report released this is Debbie Wasserman Schulz’s district and the reliability of “official” investigation is highly suspect.

      There is no basis for your sarcastic remarks which in context are quite a bit more than “odd”. Presumably you are a troll/shill which in turn would go along with the other negative attention Scott has attracted from U Tube.

      Therefore in the spirit of goodwill let me make an observation and suggestion.

      When your comments are immediately over the top and unrelated to the actual substance of the video you are practically announcing your intention to marginalize the entire content of the message verse taking issue with particular points.

      This is a give away “Mark”. I know you have a job to do but really, there is no excuse for such transparent sloppiness. Being a bad boy is like any other calling, a bit of dedication is called for. Think “finesse/deception”. The blanket “you are a nut case” attack needs to come later in the exchange after you have provoked defensiveness which you can then tag as “paranoia”. Ok, got it?

      With this kind of inattention to detail it’s no wonder you guys are losing.

  2. This is just Karma for you deleting my last comment [maybe not brilliant, but harmless]. How’s it feel, asshole?

    • oh that’s nice. for the record… WordPress sometimes sends comments to moderation when they include a link, like yours did. I have no idea it happens and am not notified by WordPress when they do it. Happens to all sorts of people leaving comments here. What THEY do is let me know when it happens and I go get the comment out of moderation… like I just did with yours. I assume you are talking about the Lionel one, right? Anyway… that’s what happens. It’s got nothing to do with me being an “asshole”

      • Oh. Whoops. Sorry, guess I’m the asshole. Least I know how you feel when they pull your shit down. It sucks.

        Don’t think I’ll be posting anytime soon….

        • post whenever you want. just next time let me know if WP moderates your comment and I will get it back for you. OKAY?

          • Scott that’s not true -I have seen you delete comments from people you deem trolls. Maybe that’s why James was initially defensive. If your policy moving forward is to let all the good AND bad comments stay, then I applaud you.

            • what’s not true? are you saying WP doesn’t have it’s own system to send comments to moderation? you’re full of shit, they do and it has been happening ever since I started this website. long time users have comments go in there sometimes. Its not exclusive to anyone or anything. I don’t know what it bases its decisions on. And yes, I will delete comments from folks that are deemed professional trolls at my discretion. they deliberately derail threads and disrupt discussions and I will get rid of them if I see fit. Some obvious trolls are allowed to stay because, even though they are trolls, they aren’t disruptive enough for me to care about. But that did not happen with York’s comment. When I found it in moderation, I approved it and it is up right now, as you see. Were I to have deleted it… it would not be. Understand?

  3. These growing attacks mean you’re on the right track, Scott!

    • yeah, knowing that still doesn’t make it any more pleasant though. it’s depressing looking at these things all the time. I would much rather be writing theater reviews and making gaming videos of me playing The Forest or something silly like that. ah, we do what we can I guess. thanks

  4. so alexa knew the guy in middle school but she didn’t know he was no longer a student?

  5. There’s something a little “off” with Alexa. Strange demeanor. Seems a little old for high school.

  6. Note to Mark Pugner: to whom are you talking? If, as I fear, you’re talking to yourself, you need to know that talking to yourself AND berating yourself in violent disagreement with your other self is a schizophrenia symptom. It is not curable but it is controllable. Seek help.

  7. Note to Scott: Nobody–absolutely nobody– dissects these events as well as you do. Keep doing it.
    Criticism: I don’t understand why you do not delete “comments” that offer nothing but mindless insults.

  8. I hope this links gets through:
    If I had kids in school these days I would teach them to run like hell out of there as soon as a “drill” is announced

  9. Scott, check this link. They are saying Cruz probably was not wearing a mask …. and yet he mingled with the students after the shooting!

  10. Con-fused ! exactly!
    Is this an exercise? Anybody seen what the AK gun done?
    Blood’n gore? School interior crime scene?
    All the ambulances? Fotos, where are ye?

    • rinse’n re peet…WhyWhWhy?
      Where are foto of crime scene etc?

      Just another Gladio drill?
      But HOW do they DARE to be so blatant/ tink of all de Extras lol?
      ( follow de blood ?)

  11. Why does smiling Alexa seem convinced that there must have been another shooter? Obviously because she saw Cruz very soon after hearing shots from “another part of the building”. The far away shots were heard while the students were exiting the building, and immediately afterward she found herself walking next to Cruz. (As per the script?) Notice how this meme of the second shooter is always inserted into these narratives, just for those folks eager to disappear down the rabbit hole. If it was a drill, then there might well have been more than one person firing blanks in the school. Put a mask on their faces and how would anyone know that they weren’t Cruz?

    In the first clip here we have a confusing interview where the student implies that they were experiencing a drill. Then she goes on to talk about students and a teacher getting “shot”. Were these interviews part of the drill? Why were “army guys” throwing “bodies” under mats. Why were the kids they told not to look at them? Were the bodies really dummies that are frequently used in these drills?

  12. Hey Scott- I just left a comment with a link that disappeared. Could you restore it when you finish your cig?

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