Politico Pushes “Immigrant SLAVES for Poor People” Plan

This is how they think they can fix the problem of folks not getting behind Big Business Wants Slaves immigration reform: give em their own slaves.

I’m not kidding.

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Politico says “you to can reap the economic benefits of slaves” https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/02/13/immigration-visas-economics-216968

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10 Responses

  1. This is so awful ….. so shameful… no words can express the the ugliness of this proposal.

  2. Once again, you miss the point, Scott. It’s brilliant! I would call it “downward mobility.” In the universe, as we know, there is no such thing as “up” or “down” so this is like the old “upward mobility’ expanded globally to ensure continued progress and prosperity.
    The beauty of the plan is that once the newly imported lowest class !Tsk, tsk, don’t call them slaves, it offends some of them) rise to the level of lower class, fresh imports will be needed: no problem, there is lost more where they came from.

  3. Yeah, this Posner entity needs a high quality straitjacket in a hurry.
    Did you see the other whopper this week? This time from Trump’s crew. They want to replace foodstamps (EBT,SNAP cards, etc.) with a “Harvest Box” full of cheap surplus canned crap not fit for your dog, saying they would save billions. The logistics are of course a nightmare. I guess someone has to pay for their giant tax cut and overblown budget full of war goodies. America becomes more surreal by the day!

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