Pray You NEVER Get Pulled Over by THIS Cop!! The Sheriff Oddie Shoupe Story (HighImpactFlix video)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Here’s a case where he’s kicking in doors without search warrants and lying about it to the scared woman in the home.

UPDATE: Here’s a case where one of his deputies illegally searches a house, lies about having a warrant, and when asked to provide it says “it’s called probable cause, OK”

Sheriff Oddie Shoupe ordered his storm troopers in White County, Tn to run-down and kill an unarmed man, Michael Dial, because he dared to drive without a license. Dude was hauling a load of junk in his POS broke-down pick-up truck trying to get paid $75 or so. He refused to stop. They tried to run him off the road. And in the end, after being told to take the guy out with “deadly force if necessary”, they killed the guy. His crime? No license. No insurance. Fleeing custody. His punishment? Death.

Shoupe is throwback to the old days, the good-old-days, when Sheriff Bufort T. Pusser ran his county with an iron fist. He’s not pictured in this video in a Klan hood, but I promise you he has one and a spare in case he gets BBQ sauce on it.

Dial shouldn’t have run. He got caught and he should have taken his lumps for it.

At the same time you can kind of understand, the guy loaded up his junk and was probably picturing what he was going to do with the little bit of money he earned hauling some junk that day and made a bad choice. Poverty will sometimes do that to you.

Above all that, this sick sheriff, clearly MENTALLY ILL, giving his storm troopers the authorization to shoot Dial rather than take a chance of messing up the county vehicles, is the REAL MENACE TO SOCIETY in White County, Tn. And he’s still out there and pretty soon the people of that county are going to have to PAY a SHITLOAD of money to Dial’s family because their sheriff is a…


I hope the next time they hit a pothole over the next ten years or when they have to sell off half the county property to pay for the lawsuit… they think of Sheriff RAMBO and Michael Dial and his “driving without a license” misdemeanor charge.

Of course, to be more accurate… Sheriff Shoupe wouldn’t actually be John Rambo in that movie would he? He would be the out of control whacked out sheriff who tried to kill Rambo for basically being poor and walking through his town.

See what I did there?

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  1. this is strange: found this on a forum post from from July 2010 : #17 Jul 12, 2010
    I know you were waiting for the connection to the current political situation in Sparta TN, and you know there is a connection, as I suspect the originator of this thread is aware. Yes, it can be tied back to one of the candidates for Sheriff. Check out “Taking Up Serpents: Snake Handlers of Eastern Kentucky” By David L. Kimbrough Excerpt to follow.
    Oddie Vieu Shoupe told the gathering that he had been arrested fifty times for snake handling and bitten fifty times as well. He discussed his upcoming appeal in Harlan County Court:“We’ll take an appeal all the way to the Supreme Court in Washington…and I want to go to Washington and handle snakes on the White House steps.” Even though charges were dismissed against Shoupe and the other defendants, he was arrested again following his initial hearing for handling snakes at the Harlan County Courthouse. About four hundred or five hundred spectators watched the arreset, but Shoupe took the copperhead that he had been handling and stuck it in his pants pocket. He then asked the police to search him. After about twenty minutes of negotiations, Officer Felix Belcher “fortified himself with a heavy canvas glove and removed the reptile, described as a 3-foot copperhead.” Belcher then killed the snake on the street. Harlan judge Lige Howard fined six snake handlers one hundred dollars each for handling a copperhead on the courthouse steps. Those fined were listed as O.V. Shoupe, Mrs. Flora Nolan (Fay’s mother), Mrs. Cinda Mays, Roscoe Long, Ed Miller and Paul Watkins, all of Cumberland.

    • Sheriff Shoupe is listed on the White County sheriff’s office website as “Oddie J. Shoupe” not “Oddie V. Shoupe”

      • Thanks , still very weird unless that is a common name in that area.

        • I found one with the exact same name who was a black man and a Sheik living in Sparta. about the same age as well. I wonder if the snake handler might be his brother. I found a video where sheriff got in trouble for kicking in the door of some woman looking for a convict… turned out the convict was his cousin. might be a bit of Deliverance going on down there maybe.

  2. I also have to wonder if he is a member of the Sparta Masonic Lodge…those masons LOVE their psyops.

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