Al Qaeda leader praises Israeli strike on Syria – “We urge them to do more”

from Arutz Sheva 7

A former leader of Syria’s Al Qaeda branch commended Israel for striking Syria on Saturday, after the Assad regime shot down an Israeli F-16I fighter jet…

The strikes were praised by Saleh Al-Hamwi, a founder of Syria’s Jabhat Al Nusra. Jabhat Al Nusra, or Nusra Front, is an Al-Qaeda offshoot in Syria and are one of the Assad regime’s opponents in the bloody civil war.

Al-Hamwi tweeted that “we welcome any Israeli aerial or naval bombardment against the regime and Iran in Syria. We urge them to do more. And we say to Israel: Your silence over Iran’s intervention in Syria will turn against you. It’s inevitable. Act with haste to uproot them”…

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  1. My sources at the highest levels of government in Israel tell me that that Al Nusra’s statement caused consternation among the IDF leadership and vocal indignation at Al Nusra publicly expressing opinions and even giving advice on Israel’s military actions.
    “Mercenaries should be seen, not heard,” said Lior Mandelstam, Chief of IDF Press relations Office. “This statement leaves the impression that Al Nusra is a partner of Israel rather then hired help.”

    The spirits were calmed by a dispatch from the PM’s office informing them that the statement, approved by the PM himself and written by the US ambassador to Israel, was only meant for the American public’s consumption, a market where Al Nusra is packaged as the independent democracy-loving opposition to the tyrant who gasses his own people.

  2. Scott….

    I know you aren’t a fan of Lionel.. now I can understand why. Just listened to this clip of his commentary on the Israeli massive reaction against Syria after the defensive downing of their F16.

    It starts out sounding good… how the US should stay out of it… it’s not our business, etc. and then by the end of it he’s like justifying Israeli aggression against it’s neighbors.

    Lionel’s almost hypnotic ramblings seem to have many good focuses, but then I’ve noticed he ALWAYS “pooh pooh”s any talk of Zionism being behind anything. I think he’s possibly a case one who “leads the opposition” away from any focus on Israel and the devastation they are causing in the Middle East and in our own country.

    I think there many other You Tubers building up followings so that at key moments they can provide “cover” for some of the most flagrant atrocities. Makes me sick.

    Don’t know if you’ll have the time or interest to look at this. Keep up the good reporting.

  3. What can I say, Scott, I keep trying to nudge you toward the crystal clear and refreshing spring of truthful sources — BBC, CNN, FoxNews, and all the MSM– but I can’t make you drink.

  4. Glory days are soon to be Israel’s! For in their midsts, among more brave and patriotic citizens than any other country can boast of, there arose Maj. Gen. Amiram Levin. He is a superior reincarnation of Cato the Elder, whom history will henceforth refer to as a Roman knockoff of the Israeli Levin (time is circular there). Levin’s memorable phrase is “Lebanon will be destroyed.”
    Note the difference: not “must be destroyed, as Cato said about Carthage but “will be destroyed.” That’s confidence for you. A very special kind.

  5. Israel surprised (as in, caught unaware) by Syria’s air defense capabilities…

    “The events on Saturday made two things clear: First, Israel will no longer be able to act in Syria without limitations. The joint forces opposed to it will from now on react with vigor. Second, if anyone was not yet aware of it, Russia is the dominant power in the region.”

    Also some enlightening analysis by Alastair Crooke:

    Hat tip to commenter FB, who left some very informative comments over at Unz Review under the recent Saker article:

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