Kurds in Conflict-Ridden Northeastern Syria Turn to Kidnapping, Conscription, ISIS-like Tactics

(Oh look at that. KurdISIS is acting like… well like KurdISIS. What do you know. And look… Shaddadah is the same town that David Ignatius was visiting when he wrote that horrible article about how da ebil Rooskies helped the Syrian Dictator attack the poor, democratic Kurds. What a shock huh? He was that close to a bunch of slave soldiers and didn’t notice a thing.)

by Sarah Abed, Mint Press News

Over the past few weeks, multiple independent on-the-ground sources have provided and corroborated information regarding disturbing events taking place in and around the Al Hassakah governorate in northeastern Syria.

One of the most startling allegations made is that the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have been arresting and kidnapping men aged 18 to 40 in the Al Hassakah governorate, which includes Al Qamishli and other towns under their control. They are taking these men against their will to Kurdish militia training camps, where they will stay for some time and receive training before being forced to fight in the so-called “New Syrian Army” or “North Syrian Army.” I was told that some of these men are being taken to the front lines to fight in Afrin as well.

According to RT, in late December:

Russia’s Reconciliation Center for Syria issued a statement accusing the U.S.-led coalition of creating the so-called ‘New Syrian Army.’ The group comprises remnants of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), the Al-Nusra Front and others, and is based at a refugee camp in north-east Syria, which is located 20 kilometers from Al-Shaddadah town. Local refugees, returning to areas freed from IS, say the refugee camp has been used by the coalition as a training ground for militants for over six months.”

Eddie and Qamishli resident Samer, a reliable local source, provided me with further insight into on-the-ground conditions and human rights violations they witnessed in Syria. These included soaring real-estate prices as wealthy Kurds buy up as much property that they can get their hands on, often paying the owners double the property’s value.

Kurds are able to offer more for these properties due to illegal control of Syrian industry – including the oil, transportation, financial sectors — imposing unlawful taxes, and charging fees for everyday things such as renewing licenses or carrying out normal business activities. If one wants to sell a certain good, they are directed to a Kurd who is in charge of collecting a tax on that particular good. They are doing this for almost everything and the local population is suffering as a result.

Eddie went on to say:

YPG, PYD, SDF, MSF, they are all the same. The SDF have aligned themselves with the Free Syrian Army who openly work side by side with Jabhat Al Nusra [Al Qaeda]. The Kurd[ish militias] have recruited ex-ISIS members.”

Eddie Gaboro Hanna told me: “They [the Kurdish militias] are still taking land and property from Christians by force and charging the Christian businesses a tax.” They are also destroying historical sites and claiming Assyrian artifacts to be Kurdish in origin. Historical revisionism is taking place, and the indigenous people are crying out for the world to stop these violations…

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Not Fit to Lead: Mike Pence ‘Takes a Knee’, Shows His True Colors Pyeong-Chang

(Scumbag Pence & wife sit during unified Korean anthem played at opening ceremony of this year’s Olympic games. Like a pouting little child who didn’t get the war he wanted, Pence sulked as he represented all of us back here in the “Shining City on the Hill”. His neocon buddies and that tired old war-monger Hillary Clinton would be proud. For the rest of us? Not so much)

by Patrick Henningsen, 21st Century Wire

This has to be one of the most disturbing scenes imaginable in modern politics. It was revealing, and it showed a level of shallowness which is almost unprecedented for any world leader in living memory, east or west.

Yesterday, as American Vice President Mike Pence was basking in the international spotlight, he made the puzzling decision not to stand when they played the Unified Korean anthem.

Undoubtedly, this was a very important moment in history, when North and South Korea entered the Olympic Stadium during the 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in Pyeong-Chang, South Korea, as the two countries proudly marched in the Parade of Nations – under one Unified Korean flag.

And what did the US high representative do? He did a Kaepernick. He took a knee…

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Israeli Rag Jerusalem Post Gleefully Reports on an “Open War with Iran” Over their Presence in “the New Syria”

by Scott Creighton

For years I and bloggers like Penny (for Your Thoughts) have been reporting on the “New Middle East” plan talked about by Condi Rice in Tel Aviv back in 2006, a.k.a. the Greater Kurdistan project. We have been telling you it was a neocon construct championed by your favorite neocons and corporate Dems on behalf of the masters of the universe and their “special Likud party friends” in Israel.

And as I have stated for years, busting off pieces of Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran are the key stages Israel and her appologists here in the States and in London need to achieve in order to see this project through to it’s completion.

Today the Jerusalem Post published an op-ed that makes that Greater Kurdistan project crystal clear, at least as it relates to the “Rojava” (or Western Kurdistan) part of the equation (remember: Israel was one of a few nations that backed the Iraqi Kurdistan independence effort along with the U.S.):

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Emboldened by Robert Parry’s Death, War-mongering Liar Eliot Higgins (Bellingcat) Crawls Out of the Ooze With More Chemical Weapons Propaganda

by Scott Creighton

Recently the widely discredited pro-war, anti-Russian, anti-Iranian, anti-Syrian, anti-self respect, Atlantic Council-backed blogger Eliot Higgins (“Brown Moses” and Bellingcat) popped his ugly head back up out of the weeds where the liar has been laying low since his last public smack down by Robert Parry a year or so ago. And once again, he’s doing his best to pay the bills by making up more unsubstantiated propaganda about whatever enemy the Atlantic Council happens to be demonizing at the moment. In this case it’s Iran and Syria. And in this case I guess he is somewhat reassured his lies might go undiscovered due to the recent untimely death of Mr. Parry (but my guess is… that just ain’t so)

“Bild worked with the research of the human rights group, Syrians for Truth and Justice, and the online investigative journalist website Bellingcat to expose the shocking evidence of “Made in Germany” technology used in alleged Syrian and Iranian regime war crimes. Eliot Higgins, from Bellingcat, told Bild both gas attacks showed that “the rockets were produced in 2016 and delivered from Iran.” Fox News, Feb. 8,2018

In this case Eliot, a Brit (like the guy who made up the “White Helmets” hearts and minds campaign out of al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists and like all the ISIS spokespeople and many of their terrorist kidnappers (remember The Beatles?)) has teamed up with someone from Syrians for Truth and Justice (backed by the European Endowment for Democracy (a Russia-hating, “pro-democracy” color revolution inciting organization that doesn’t think Germany gives them enough money for their “work”)) to scribble the latest of his bullshit junk “science” to blame Iran and Syria for the latest chemical weapons attacks.

Apparently, before cobbling together is latest BS “evidence” payday,  Higgins didn’t get the memo about Sec. of Defense Mattis on Feb. 2nd saying he’s seen no evidence that the Syrian government was behind this latest attack. Talk about getting blind-sided huh? Robert’s gone and the damn Secretary of Defense steps right in. Must suck to be Eliot today.

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