LAST MEN IN ALEPPO: Al Qaeda Presented as ‘White Helmets’ for the Annual Terrorist ‘Oscar’ Nomination

by Vanessa Beeley, 21st Century Wire

“A lion from Jabhat Al Nusra (Al Qaeda in Syria) died today and went to Paradise, I pray that God will accept his soul.”

No, that is not a quote from a terrorist group member in Syria. It is a statement taken from the Facebook page of Hasan Kattan, the Assistant Director of the latest White Helmet promotional blockbuster, Last Men in Aleppo. Shortly after this Facebook post was exposed, Kattan scrambled to remove this and all other incriminating images from his page or made them private/invisible to public view. The full testimonial attributed to this Al Qaeda militant, written by Kattan in 2014, is even more gushingly poetic:

” His beautiful smiles that illuminated his face still existing in my tired memory. He wasn’t like any other Mujahid (fighter). He loved fighting and dying under the Islamic flag and he already did. He was, among the others, the most fine and religious , had piety and a sense of humour. A lion from Al Nusra Front died today and went to Paradise . I pray that God will accept his soul.” 

Below, is the image of this “Lion of Nusra Front” on Kattan’s Facebook page. There is also a comment from Fadi Al-Halabi, director of photography for Last Men in Aleppo. Halabi’s comment reads:

“This is Jaloud who died , he went to paradise.” 

Image result for Hasan Kattan facebook page,

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