DOW Loses Another 1,032 Points Today: Down 8.4% from Opening Last Friday

The DOW has lost a total of 2,203.46 points since opening bell Friday Feb. 2nd. That’s a total of -8.4% percentage change. The 5th biggest crash in terms of percentage change was on Nov. 6, 1929 when the market lost 9.92%

It’s getting sketchy folks.

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Market Crashes to “Correct” Trump’s Memo Wrongthink – The Real Deep State Flexes It’s Muscle

These are the 5 biggest stock market crashes in US history

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2 Responses

  1. Maybe someone is telling Tubby the Grifter to finish off Syria and attack Iran or we’ll blow the whole mess to pieces and you’ll get blamed?

    Or did the US troop protected Afghan poppy fields not yield as much opium for the TBTF to launder the drug profits?

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