New Batch of FBI Lovers’ Texts Praise Comey, Mock Virginia ‘Hillbillies’

from Sputnik International

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the FBI employees who got into hot water last year for their anti-Trump bias in their roles in the Clinton email investigation and the probe into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential race, also had some nasty things to say about US lawmakers and Republicans in general, newly disclosed text messages reveal.

The texts, being released by lawmakers and reviewed by US media, include a July 2016 exchange in which Strzok and Page mock Congress as “less than worthless and “utterly contemptable” amid lawmakers’ questioning of then-FBI Director James Comey over his suspected leniency in the Clinton email server case.

Strzok, who was removed from his position in the ongoing investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller into Russia’s alleged meddling into US election last year, also gloats in the newly revealed texts about Comey’s ability to keep cool amid questioning about why he decided not to seek criminal charges against Clinton.

“God he is SO good,” Strzok wrote. “I know,” Page replied. “Brilliant public speaker. And brilliant distillation of fact.”…

Other texts, including Strzok’s disparaging characterization of Virginia residents who voted against Democrat Jill McCabe’s bid for a State Senate seat as “ignorant hillbillys (sic),” further showed the extent of the FBI employee’s partisan bias…

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