Crass Opportunism and Craven Hypocrisy of Cenk Uygur Exposed in One Image

One day Cenk asks if all cops are “cowards” and today he praises the corrupt FBI and says Republicans “don’t support cops”

Cenk has no moral center. He will say/do anything to make money. He is a weasel of the lowest order and it’s time he finally hangs his head in shame and goes away.

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Sal the Agorist

Cenk Uygur is a sellout

Progressives kick him out of Justice Dems for being a scumbag

4 million from a conservative to start his fake progressive channel

20 million from Clinton and Obama oligarch to build his channel

H.A. Goodman

Calib Maupin

Humanist Report

Sane Progressive

Tim Black

Skype: americaneveryman

2 Responses

  1. The hotel room as a showroom for guns sounds like the most plausible fit for all this.

    Then it doesn’t make sense that he breaks out the windows and starts firing on the crowd while huffing some substance from this ridiculous blue hose….I’m just sayin’… maybe he was really pissed that a big sale didn’t go thru… 😀

    Perhaps the hose and all the tools were just plants to put in people’s mind that this Paddock guy was really busy….doing stuff… including shooting all those people…

  2. Sorry this comment should have been under your Las Vegas article…

    Uygur’s an ass!

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