Market Crashes to “Correct” Trump’s Memo Wrongthink – The Real Deep State Flexes It’s Muscle

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Oh look. This morning they are saying it’s… a correction

“Stock market analysts believe the stock market is long overdue for a 5% pullback or even a 10% correction.” CNN Money

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW) closed today down 1,175 points after rallying back from being down 1,600 points.

This is the biggest single day loss in history but it gets worse. On Friday the DOW dropped 666 points as a kind of a precursor to today. That’s a loss of 1,841 points in two business days. That’s a lot.

Especially when you consider the previous worse day was in Sept. of 2008 when the DOW flash-crashed 777 points because congress dared to do what the American people wanted them to do… deny giving Wall Street their first of many bailouts for crashing our economy.

“Monday’s sell-off surpassed a 777.68 points drop on the Dow Jones on 29 September 2008 when Congress rebuffed a $700bn bank bailout plan following the collapse of US investment bank Lehman Brothers earlier that month.” BBC

666? 777? Seem a little like a coincidence to anyone else?

There are a couple things going on right now which might explain this development.

First of all you have to remember that Trump is steadily patting himself on the back for the surging stock market. He gives himself credit for it and touts it as the greatest accomplishment of first year in office. It’s his trump-card, if you will.

But he isn’t doing everything he’s being told to do.

He’s not stepping up our aggressive stance toward Russia as he seems to be letting our chunk of Syria slip away.

He’s holding up Big Business’ desired DREAMers plan for permanent cheap labor in America. If you don’t believe me on that one, just check out this letter sent by 100 CEOs of top US businesses demanding congress give them a legal cheap labor pool.

Most importantly this week… Trump signed the release of the Nunes Memo on Friday Feb. 2nd… that’s the same day as the 666 crash.

When Chuck Schumer warned Trump on Rachel Maddow’s show that the Deep State had “6 ways to Sunday” to make you pay for messing with them, he wasn’t exaggerating.

Clearly Big Business and Wall Street are part and parcel of the Deep State and the take it very personally when someone threatens to undermine their assets like the CIA, Homeland Security… or the FBI.

Today’s losses can and will easily be chalked up to a “market correction” or some other such nonsense… but we know what it is. It’s a warning.

Fake left propaganda outlets like ShareBlue were reveling in Friday’s loss. They will be beside themselves today.

I’m sure Morning Joe and all the other Mockingbirds out there (like Cenk Uygur) will jump all over this as some kind of vindication of their sycophantic pandering and apologizing for an out of control Deep State that tried to steal an election… here at home this time (as opposed to the 81 we tried to steal in other countries)

Just like back in 2008, this market “correction” wasn’t random and it certainly has nothing to do with any “free” markets.

This is economic terrorism by, of and for the Deep State.

People think James Comey and Lisa Page and Mr. Strzok are the Deep State. They aren’t the Deep State.

The FBI? You’re getting closer.

The CIA? Warmer still.

DIA? Homeland Security? 5-Eyes with GCHQ? You’re on the right track.. but no.

The Deep State is who they all WORK FOR. And who do they work for? Do they work for the kinds of institutions that can flash-crash a stock market with such precision that it’s closing loss mirrors a 3 digit number from the last time they didn’t get what they wanted from some upstart government officials?

Now we’re talking.

Of course Big Business and Wall Street want to defend their assets. Their assets make them money. Just look at the service the FBI is doing for MGM Grand International over in Vegas. And that’s just one PUBLIC example. There are probably hundreds of similar plots and plans played out every year. You just don’t see em because the complicit media does their part.

Trump was supposed to walk this whole “memo” thing back this weekend and he didn’t and he’s still dragging his feet on the “I DREAM of cheap labor” deal… so it seems he didn’t get the message.

Yep, Trump is definitely their boy and I am not sitting here telling you any different. But sometimes the entitled folk in ‘Merika get it in their heads that they can make a few decisions on their own and our owners… well they don’t like that.

Back in Sept. of ’08 our elected congress critters had to learn their lesson and apparently this weekend The Trumpster had to learn his.

And while the sycophants of the complicit media will swoon over it and harp on it as absolute proof of the righteousness of their being, once again, they will completely miss the bigger point.

We call it economic terrorism when someone else does it. What do we call it here?

Oh that’s right… a “correction”

11 Responses

  1. What happens if Trump holds his line…. would he put Americans first this time?
    they wouldn’t continue to rob themselves ?

  2. Scott the market was anticipated to go down due to nafta and TPP. Everyone knows this. The itheory that intelligence agencies manipulated the entire worlds worth of businesses via the stock markets so that a message can be sent by point losses of 3 sixes is SO FUCKING INSANE, that any mouth breather who hasn’t OD’d on silver iodide would snort at.

    Would you buy this shit man? Would you? Would you pay someone to write this quackery? Would that be a fiscally responsible thing for you to do even if you had budgeted for entertainment?

    You are losing your grip man. Pull your head out.

  3. Superstition not analysis.

    • yep. that’s what they said about people who said the cabal is rigging the market to suit themselves… until LIBOR.

      • I don’t doubt the market is rigged to some degree. But I don’t believe one bit in your underlying assumption that the “Deep State War on Trump” exists. Operating under that assumption, based entirely on Mockingbird products, is misleading and dangerous.

        Of course I could be wrong, but I’ve seen no actual evidence presented here, or anywhere else, that supports the notion of actual conflict between the Mockingbird-in-Chief and his imperial overlords. Plenty of evidence to the contrary though. Is the Gilded Duke not distributing enough MANPADS and ATGMs to ISUS and the Azov assholes to satisfy the “Deep” State’s desires?

        If Big Orange declares martial law will it be welcomed as a necessary measure to protect us from da ebil “Deep” State?

        • you cant imagine for a second that anything the Trumpster does isn’t by their design, but again, folks said the same thing about Obama didn’t they? and yet we know they undermined his peace plan, right? these fucks believe they are above all don’t they? and yes, Trump is their tool just like Obama was, but even a tool slips very now and again. Just ask JFK

          • Really, dude? Obama’s Peace Plan… is that a joke? DJT as JFK? You been drinking martinis over at Roger $tone’s place lately?

            There’s only one small difference between JFK and DJT: JFK was actually fighting the Company. JFK was an existential threat to them and they responded accordingly. How is career Mockingbird DJT a threat to them? Did he take someone’s stapler away? Force them to move down to the boiler room? Name one fucking thing DJT has actually done against the Company (throwing sticks and $tones on tweeter doesn’t count).

            And if I “imagine for a second” that Donnie the Great Eugenic Genius was really planning on going rogue and sticking it to the “Deep” State, why would he want to surround himself with Company men and second-string spooks like Carter “Idiot Wind” Page? Maybe his genius is just too great for a simple ditch digger like me to comprehend. I suppose he learned a lot of dandy super genius type stuff growing up on Roy Cohn’s lap.

            And as long as we’re imagining, let me ask if you think ol’ James Woolsey left the Donald’s campaign because he was deeply offended by his mean, anti-IC tweets? Or perhaps because somebody figured out that having Bill Fucking Clinton’s CIA director and 9/11-DARK WINTER conspirator on the payroll might just send the wrong darn message to the brownshort morons following Breitbarf and INFOwhores?

            • Oh I don’t know… signing the release of the Nunes memo perhaps? Or maybe it was back in Feb of 2017 when he was planning to remake the CIA? Or perhaps it’s when the entire 7th Floor Group at the State Department resigned because they didn’t like him. Maybe it’s because he called them Nazis when he learned they were spying on him. Think maybe that might have something to do with it?

              I know you got nothing but hatred for him, but you know, just because he’s an insider and trying to play their game the way some of em want it played, doesn’t mean he cant go out on a limb every now and again trying to do something the way he wants to do it.

              and yes, as I detailed EXTENSIVELY… Obama and Kerry had a deal set in place with Russia and Syria to share intel on “ISIS” back in Aug I believe of 2016 and the fucks torpedoed it. I know you hate him too but that is a fact.

              The Deep State is sending him a message, that’s all I wrote. Just like they sent Obama and Bush one back in Sept. of 2008 when they didn’t get what they wanted. What is hard for you to understand about that?

              And, if you extrapolate, since I did say they also wanted their pool of legal cheap labor illegals granted to them by Trump AND CONGRESS… they are also sending a message to congress as well. Kinda like that letter they sent them.

              So yeah “dude”… really. I know you don’t like it when folks talk about what really runs this country beyond which ever politician you hate happens to be in power. I know you consider it all “superstition” I guess. But it is real. Market is rigged. And with their high-speed trading super-computers they can do pretty much anything they want.

            • you know, you seem to forget… Obama didn’t want any part of invading Libya, remember? That was Killary all the way. She pushed for it and ran it and Obama just let her. Yeah he was a scumbag but even scumbags can have different ideas about things every now and again. I know you think they all share some sort of hive mind or something that makes them all the same with all the same plans and goals simultaneously but I think its a little more complicated than that. And unless you want to offer up some more guilt by association names (Woolsey, Cohn) I think I’ve offered tangible evidence to back my case while you simply haven’t.

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