The Nunes Memo, the 5-Eyes Spying Program and a Whole Lot of Brownshirts on the Left

The Nunes memo, while deeply troubling, has set off members of the artificial left, the corporatist neocon left, and turned them into raving brownshirts.

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Nunes memo

Mudd says the FBI is going to get Trump

Chuck Schumer says the Deep State is going to get Trump

Mudd says government is going to “kill this guy”

the CIA at the edge of treason

the Deep state torpedoed Obama’s and Kerry’s peace deal in 2016

Yes, GCHQ spied on Trump campaign

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One Response

  1. We, the American population, have become so dumbed down, whether from media entrancement, floride, chemtrails, vaccinations, or handheld device fixation, that we can no longer put 2 and 2 together. It’s 5, right? Anyway that’s what they tell me.

    Cuz Russia
    Cuz ‘Merica
    Cuz Trump
    Cuz, now, the FBI

    What’s next… the fucking CIA?

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