The Nunes Memo, the 5-Eyes Spying Program and a Whole Lot of Brownshirts on the Left

The Nunes memo, while deeply troubling, has set off members of the artificial left, the corporatist neocon left, and turned them into raving brownshirts.

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Hawaiian Panic Was Caused by a Drill… the Aegis Ashore Drill… Just Like I thought

by Scott Creighton

So it wasn’t a guy hitting the wrong button, wasn’t a mistake on a keyboard like we were told.

As I have speculated, they were running a drill regarding an incoming missile… likely it was the drill they were running to show that Japanese military official what Aegis Ashore could do in the event of a missile attack… and THAT is what caused the scare.

It took nearly 40 minutes for the agency to figure out a way to retract the false alert on the same platforms it was sent to. People on the islands were sent into panic, many believing they had minutes left to contact loved ones and most without any sense of where to shelter from a possible nuclear strike.

The worker, a man in his 50s, spoke to reporters on the condition that he not be identified because he has received threats. He said an on-duty call that came in on 13 January did not sound like a drill. State officials have said other workers clearly heard the word “exercise” repeated several times.

Immediately afterward, we find out it was a drill and I was devastated,” the man said. “I still feel very badly about it. I felt sick afterward. It was like a body blow.” Guardian

So they made some poor slob the scapegoat and fired him while Lockheed Martin is still trying to sell their useless system to the Japanese. They did a live fire test this past week to show them how Aegis Ashore can protect them from all those incoming North Korean rockets they are worried about. The test failed. Just like it failed back in June of 2017.

Someone tell that father he can get his kid out of the sewer now. They fired some guy so it’s safe I guess.

Russian MPs vow to investigate origin of MANPAD used in downing jet in Syria

from Press TV

Senior Russian lawmakers have urged the country to probe the origin of the man-portable air-defense system (MANPAD), which was reportedly used by Takfiri terrorists to down a Russian jet over Syria.

Russia’s Defense Ministry confirmed in a statement on Saturday that the Su-25 fighter jet had been shot down in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib…

“Countries from whose territory weapons arrive, that are then used against Russian servicemen, must understand that this will not go unpunished,” he told the agency…

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