Russia annihilates group who shot down Russian Su-25

from Fort Russ

The Russian military is pummeling the area controlled by the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization in the province of Idlib, from which a missile was launched earlier on the Russian Su-25 aircraft. This is stated in the statement of the Ministry of Defense.

“The area is controlled by the terrorist group “Jabhat al- Nusra” in the province of Idlib, where a group strike was carried out, launching a missile using MANPADS against the Russian Su-25.”It is noted that more than 30 militants of the terrorist group have now been killed.

Earlier,  a Russian Su-25 fighter jet was shot down, whose pilot managed to eject, but was killed by terrorists.

3 Responses

  1. 30? No problem, we got lots more where those came from and virtually unlimited funds to equip/train them. Unlimited in the sense that we can always make more cuts in social services and those entitlements people have been spoiled to receive.
    You want national security or you selfishly want to be coddled with medical care, etc?
    I have friends in the US who keep whining to me about the cost of medical insurance/care which runs them into many thousands of dollars a year. So what? They just don’t appreciate living in the country with the most formidable military defense.
    Compare please:
    I have been living for some years now in a small South American country where I pay $90/month for my medical insurance.
    Once every 3 or 4 months I have to see an ophthalmologist for a minor but annoying recurrent problem (eyelashes that grow inward and must be plucked out). If I go to my primary physician and he sends me to the eye doc, I pay nothing. But if my eye feels like it has sand inside and I want to go directly to the ophthalmologist, without a referral, then I have to pay from my pocket. An unscheduled visit to a specialist like that is $8.00. I think that must hurt the doctors’ self-esteem but I keep my opinion to myself.
    “Friends,” I tell my friends in the US, “I live in a third world country, they are so backward that if you have a bad cold or a flue and you call the clinic they send a doctor to your home a few hours later. Free of charge. No civilized country has house calls anymore. What kind of respect can you have for a country with its priorities ass backwards: splurging money on health care while their military is the size of an American suburban police station, and they have no rockets.”
    But they don’t listen to me. They keep complaining. Like Scott.

  2. They killed 30? No problem. Lots more where those came from and arming/training/supporting them is no problem either. We’ll cut some of those entitlements. What would you rather have: a strong national security for us and our allies (make that singular) or to be coddled by the nanny state with all kinds of costly benefits like health care?

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