Aegis Ashore Missile Test Fails Again: Looks Like Hawaiian Scare Drill Was for Naught

by Scott Creighton

A couple of weeks ago I reported on the Hawaiian missile scare that sent fathers out into the streets to lower their kids down to the relative safety of the resort island’s sewer systems (“It“, “C.H.U.D.” and “Flukey the Fluke-worm” not withstanding)

It was my hypothesis that the “accident” was caused by a test of the Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System being run for the benefit of a certain Japanese high ranking military official who was here at the time of the “accident” evaluating that system for potential purchase by the Japanese government. Since it was a hard sell to the people of that country (they kind of balk at the thought of building up a huge military after that whole “Hirosima and Nagasaki” thing you know) our paid-off puppets in their military had to come over here and watch a demonstration of the product in order to go home and give it his per-ordained seal of approval.

I guess everything went okay with the test except for the couple hundred thousand Hawaiian folks who stained their shorts and that one little girl who was most likely torn to pieces by competing interests in the sewer tunnels that day. Hope she put up a good fight.

But the way the Pentagon looks at it, she was merely collateral damage… “greater good” and all that, don’t ya know. “National security”… “freedom and democracy”… she had to be dumped in the sewer “over there so little white girls aren’t dumped in the sewer over here”… pick your marketing cliches as you will.

The Aegis Ashore deal is worth about 2 billion dollars and since our military is run by contractors like Lockheed Martin these days, it made sense to me to take them at their word. I mean, after the Global Banking Cabal and our Big Energy/Oil Cartel, they are our most important “national interest” are they not?

Tokyo “hoped to confirm the system’s performance” so “Lockheed said it plans to conduct missile engagement simulations and live tracking demonstration in the first half of 2018.”

So yes, Lockheed announced plans to run a simulation on behalf of the buyer and then do a live tracking demonstration to show their client-state client just how wonderful this system is in terms of knocking down those dreaded North Korean missiles we’ve all heard so much about this past year (since the new leadership in South Korea didn’t want THAAD and had to be convinced he did)

And guess what? Here we are in the “first half of 2018” and Lockheed Martin (the public/private entity formerly known as the “U.S. military”) made good on their promise. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same for Aegis Ashore:

A live-fire missile defense test conducted early Wednesday in Hawaii was unsuccessful, Pentagon officials acknowledged Thursday.

It did not meet our objectives,” said Dana White, a Pentagon spokeswoman…

The Missile Defense Agency and U.S. Navy sailors manning the Aegis Ashore Missile Defense Test Complex conducted a live-fire missile flight test using a Standard-Missile 3 Block IIA missile launched from the Pacific Missile Range Facility, Kauai, Hawaii, Wednesday morning,” Wright said.

Citing unidentified Pentagon sources, CNN reported the status of the test had not been announced in part because of the “sensitivities surrounding North Korea’s participation in the upcoming Olympic games and continuing tensions with leader Kim Jong Un.” Stars and Stripes

I wonder what they mean by “it didn’t meet our objectives”

I hope Malaysia Airlines still has all of their planes accounted for. Hate to have CNN spend another 6 months pushing another set of lies like they did to cover-up Flight MH370. 😉

“The US conducted an unsuccessful missile defense test on Wednesday, as a missile launched from land failed to intercept an incoming target launched from an aircraft over Hawaii, according to several administration officials.

The Pentagon is not publicly acknowledging the failure of a key ballistic missile defense test, and the officials told CNN that the decision to remain silent is due, in part, to sensitivities surrounding North Korea’s participation in the upcoming Olympic Games and continuing tensions with leader Kim Jong Un.” CNN

Ah. Looks like CNN is helping out after all. Notice how they don’t mention the 2 billion dollar sale of the system to the Japanese and how they call Lockheed Martin’s corporate headquarters “the Pentagon”? Do you think they didn’t mention the failure because of Scary Kim… or because of the potential loss of the 2 billion dollar deal? Think real hard now.

Back in December congress approved the sale of those useless missiles to Japan so they could eventually stick them in their soon-to-be-purchased Aegis Ashore systems though this isn’t the first time they have failed to live up to expectations:

During a test in June, the United States fired the same missile from the USS John Paul Jones off the coast of Hawaii, but it failed to intercept its target, a medium-range ballistic missile.

In that instance, MDA issued a statement the day of the test announcing it had been unsuccessful.” Stars and Stripes

Notice they weren’t so concerned about Scary Kim back in June?

Yeah, these things routinely don’t work which is kind of a drawback for a product that is billed as your last line of defense against the nuclear holocaust that is slated to transform the whole of Japan into something resembling the wasteland from Fallout New Vegas.

I mean hell, the only thing they’ve done so far in this latest round of product sales demonstrations is terrify their own populations needlessly (Hawaiians of course by “accident” and the Japanese by design) and force a panicked father to sacrifice his daughter to a vacationing Flukey the Fluke-worm.

Of course… there may be OTHER services these systems and missiles can perform… but once again, the people of Japan are a little weary of the thought of arming themselves so they can attack random neighbors since some of them still glow in the dark. So you can understand how the marketing team at Lockheed Martin corporate… oh I’m sorry… at the Pentagon are less inclined to use those potential uses as their main selling point to the general population.

Russia believes that the system is “fueling a new arms race”, and is constructed “on ridiculous fabricated pretexts” of protection against non-existent threats of the so-called rogue states. Dmitry Rogozin, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government, said that the country would “react in the sharpest manner” to any American ships armed with the system found near their shores.[41] Wikipage for Aegis systems

Yep. The system can be used for offensive measures and in that regard I am sure they have a much better success rate in terms of testing. Planes are a lot slower and larger than missiles don’t you know (especially commercial airliners unfortunately)

Anyway, I thought I would update you guys on the never-ending story of military product marketing otherwise known as our Asian foreign policy.

Seems like our Lockheed Navy Overlords got the simulations and demonstrations they wanted early this year which should earn a nice pension for a few admirals when they retire.

Didn’t do much for the terrified peoples of Hawaii or Japan though. But let’s face it… “Be All You Can Be” never referred to the sailors anyway did it. Think of it more like Lockheed Martin’s corporate mission statement that was re-purposed as a recruiting campaign slogan as a joke.

Mighty humorous of our new masters don’t you think? (to the folks who just turned off my computer while writing this... I for one welcome our new insect overlords.)

To the father of the terrified little girl he handed off to the unknown lurking sludge monsters of the Hawaiian sewer systems I can only offer one small piece of consolation:

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5 Responses

  1. Scott, I wonder if that is really the name of the system, because or maybe it is the Aegis 77dt or something, the def. Contractor Aegis seems mercenary.

  2. Nevermind, I kept thinking it was ONshore, discard the previous.

  3. Every body makes mistakes… but when you get down to aiming live missiles there should be no room for any mistake……………… really messes up your mind. Especially that last picture of ‘IT’ and everyone ending up in the sewer…..

    • “really messes up your mind”
      And you think that is undesirable?
      I would they would consider that a fringe benefit of the test, a “twofer.”
      Terrorized people are not likely to waste their time worrying about silly staff like job loss or reduced health care benefits.

      • Well, I was not thinking of the Hawaii mistake. I was worrying about future mistakes… maybe aiming at the ocean for a test and hitting California or Florida .. by mistake.

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