There Are Consequences for Telling the Truth

All of a sudden on several fronts, I am receiving warnings from Twitter, getting searched on LinkedIn and take-down orders directed at my website. My Youtube channel, though very small by comparison, has sort of surged a bit over the last month and I wonder if now I’m on someone’s radar.

I wonder if this isn’t just part of a larger effort to go after small independent journalists while the proverbial shit hits the fan with the “fake” complicit main stream media and the newly tarnished FBI/Department of Justice.

Whatever it is… it’s not merely a coincidence. I don’t believe in those anymore.

Abdul Hussain found the interview I did with James Tracy back in 2015 where we discuss crisis actors among other things – “Real Politik” with Dr. James Tracy – Interview 74: Scott Creighton 11-23-2015 –

thank you Abdul. I hadn’t seen that before. It was a good interview. I like James Tracy.

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  1. Hi, yes, it seems that their is a concerted effort by the “powers that be”. My google search results of late looks like a who’s who of fake news outlets such as CNN, ABC, NY Times….and Im in South Africa (huh?). My facebook newsfeeds does not show any of the alternate news pages that I subscribe too, but is littered with RT and Sputnik war & terror posts.

    I was trying to search for articles relating to a “manufactured water crisis”. I am in Cape Town where we are in the grip of a terrible water crisis and we are being fear mongered ad nauseam and LIED to it seems. My google results was extremely politically correct with articles ONLY from our own fake news outlets – nothing international. Was trying to see if there was some sort of pattern worldwide, as I know that California are facing the same problems, but no mention of that in my search results, which previously was not the case.

  2. There’s no question, Scott. Everybody that I follow (and I follow a lot of people) says they’ve had a dramatic dip in readership, views, etc. in the past few months, including my own website & twitter feed.

  3. The G(arbage) Men just came thundering down our street. I rushed out with mine, but late.

    They were too busy to back up for it.

  4. Something about the ‘stop ads’ ad by wordpress that alarms me. They want people that come to this blog *and probably others) to download their wordpress aplication that will block ads …. seems like a fine thing for them to do… after all, they sell ads based on views and yet they want to allow viewers to ‘NOT’ see the ads? ! No NO Don’t do it. They want to get into your system. I started to do it but stopped when I realized I first had to give them info and had to allow them to download their program into my system. So watch out. If you have done it, I think you can delete the application in your ‘control’ with the ‘add/delete’ applications program. (or however your system lists it).
    I just ignore the ads.

  5. Anyone who truly wants to learn about this should personally spend time searching a variety of stories from a variety of sources, including international ones. Run them on various search engines and note the differences. They are huge and reveal certain hidden biases as the patterns begin to emerge. It actually becomes laughable knowing ahead of time an RT story will hit a million on one engine and two on another.

    FYI to Scott: What’s happening is that re-packagers like yourself are managing to add enough relevance to already semi-public stories that when you (and other re-packagers) create your own url page name (what I call the “story meme” with the hyphens), you sometimes return bigger hit numbers than the original story with a different url memeline. Unless the engine hates you. This is probably freaking some out seeing hown when the source url is squeezed, the toothpaste leaks out the cracks in the tube and making an even bigger mess for them. Seriously, though, some investigative journalist would have a field day with this stuff.

    • what exactly is a “re-packager”? Unless I post a quip from something to link my readers to another source b/c I figure they would like to know about it, what I publish here I investigate and write myself with my own unique conclusions. How do that translate to a “re-packager”?

      • I’m using the term more for convenience more than clarity as there a wide variety of “link-y” sites than can send you other places or that attract the interest of other sites. There are simple news aggregators, there are aggregators who add commentary, and there are commentary-based sites examining other stories and the underlying issues. You are mostly in the last category with your thoughtful comments/dissections of stories gaining traction. You also generate original pages and one of your biggest hitting url memelines was for your own summary of the week. Anyway, no insult intended, merely pointing out that search engines are trained to follow certain stories and sites certain ways for certain things. Our watching who and what gets supressed tells us a lot about who “owns” a given search engine.

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