Thomas Friedman justifies slaughter of Arab civilians by ‘crazy’ Israel

by Phillip Weiss from Mondoweiss

Thomas Friedman had a column in the New York Times yesterday justifying the Israeli slaughter of Arab civilians. Israel needs to go “crazy” in its confrontation with Hezbollah and Iran in Lebanon and Syria because, “This is not Scandinavia.”

Friedman’s entire column is told from the Israeli perspective. Here is the most credulous passage, passing along Israeli propaganda about “ugly” and “brutal” methods as the necessity when you don’t live in Scandinavia.

So what’s Israel’s strategy to keep its conflict with Hezbollah and Iran on a low flame? First and foremost, it’s been to reinforce to Hezbollah and Iran, through many channels, that they can’t out-crazy Israel. That is, if Hezbollah and Iran think they can place rocket launchers in densely populated Lebanese and Syrian villages and towns — and expect that Israel will not take them out if it requires large collateral civilian casualties — they are as wrong today as they were in 2006.

Israeli military planners are more convinced than ever that the key reason Hezbollah has avoided major conflict with Israel since the big Israel-Hezbollah war in Lebanon in 2006 is that Israel’s Air Force — without mercy or restraint — pounded Lebanese infrastructure, Hezbollah offices and military targets in the southern suburbs of Beirut — not to kill civilians but not to be deterred by them, either, if they were nested amid Hezbollah weapons or headquarters.

Yes, it was ugly and brutal, say Israeli planners, but it worked. This is not Scandinavia. “The reality here starts where your imagination ends,” said one Israeli officer. Sometimes only crazy can stop crazy. And Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, definitely got the message.

So Friedman claims that “pounding Lebanese infrastructure” without “mercy or constraint” is not intended to kill civilians. But it plainly is. Israeli leaders said just that in the Beirut 2006 context. Friedman never mentions the Dahiya doctrine developed by Israeli brass as a legitimate response to military threats: hitting civilian areas with overwhelming force. Used in Beirut and Gaza, it is understood to be a war crime.

The Israeli chief of staff who came up with the idea said explicitly that it was aimed at “harming the population” — the slaughter of civilians– so as to make Israel’s non-state opponents think twice about taking on Israel (yes, including with terrorist attacks)…

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Iraqis accuse US-led coalition air strike of killing civilians

‘NATO intentionally hit civilian targets’: Libyan sues alliance for 2011 bombing

Explosive FISA Memo set to be released on Thursday

from The Duran

Reuters is reporting that the much anticipated FISA memo alleging anti-Trump bias at the FBI and U.S. Justice department is likely to be released on Thursday, an official of President Donald Trumps administration said on Wednesday.

The FBI said earlier on Wednesday it had “grave concerns” about the accuracy of the top-secret House Intelligence Committee memo, challenging President Donald Trump’s pledge to release it.

Meanwhile, The Gateway Pundit reports that The House Intelligence Committee Released Minutes of its stormy meeting held on Monday January 29, 2018. The minutes show the Democrats on the Committee panicked and lie their way to do all they can to obstruct the investigation into FBI and DOJ abuses and side with the perpetrators in the FISA abuse scandal rather than with Americans who want the truth...

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Did Misstatement in Exhibit 3 of the Vegas Search Warrants Nullify All Evidence From Those Rooms?

Sergeant McDonald said in a telephone warrant request that officers breached the door and saw Stephen Paddock shoot himself. There are many possibilities as to WHY he did it… but ultimately the question becomes… does that misstatement disqualify all the evidence collected from the rooms and the van? Because that misstatement is what got him the search warrants.

Good thing the patsy isn’t going to trial, huh?

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There Are Consequences for Telling the Truth

All of a sudden on several fronts, I am receiving warnings from Twitter, getting searched on LinkedIn and take-down orders directed at my website. My Youtube channel, though very small by comparison, has sort of surged a bit over the last month and I wonder if now I’m on someone’s radar.

I wonder if this isn’t just part of a larger effort to go after small independent journalists while the proverbial shit hits the fan with the “fake” complicit main stream media and the newly tarnished FBI/Department of Justice.

Whatever it is… it’s not merely a coincidence. I don’t believe in those anymore.

Abdul Hussain found the interview I did with James Tracy back in 2015 where we discuss crisis actors among other things – “Real Politik” with Dr. James Tracy – Interview 74: Scott Creighton 11-23-2015 –

thank you Abdul. I hadn’t seen that before. It was a good interview. I like James Tracy.

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