Apparently I Triggered Charlton Right Out of the Vegas Truth Movement

Now that’s some powerful triggering folks. A week ago Charlton was saying the body lying on the floor wasn’t Steven Paddock and now he says Steve-O was the “lone gunman”

And it’s all my fault.

When I trigger someone, they stay triggered baby.

Sorry about the echo in the video sections but they are short.

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My triggering video

Mandalay Bay: Missing the Forest for the Trees

D James channel

PROOF from LVMPD Report Stephen Paddock is Lone Gunman in Las Vegas Shooting at Mandalay Bay 1 Oct

Las Vegas Shooting: What if Paddock Didn’t Rent Room 32134?

my complete body of work on the Las Vegas mass casualty event

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7 Responses

  1. So kicking a box is his ‘point maker’ ? LOL
    I enjoyed your video, Scott.

    • I need a litter box so I can kick it in my videos. imagine how dramatic it would be with the cat shit and soiled litter flying through the air. that’s production value right there I tell ya. I’m gonna work on that.

  2. Keep it Up, Scott!
    I just took Charlton’s advice and Unsubscribed from his bait-click nonsense ! 👍

  3. You definitely triggered is viewers…lol

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