The Syrian National Dialogue Congress starts today

by Scott Creighton

As is the case on the Korean peninsula, the threat of peace is breaking out in the Middle East and we, once again, seem committed to stopping it one way or the other.

The Syrian National Dialogue Congress starts today and will run through the 30th of this month. It is a collection of parties from within Syria and a few invited guests getting together to hopefully lay the foundation for a peaceful political resolution to the crisis in their nation.

1,600 participants from a wide range of government and opposition parties have arrived in Sochi, Russia for the event.

The ultimate stated goal of the congress is the laying of the groundwork for a new, inclusive constitution. No one expects peace will be achieved at the meeting because, as many have pointed out, several of the participants are still taking their orders from Washington, London and Tel Aviv.

It should be noted, as this meeting takes place, Turkey’s President Erdogan is continuing his Operation Olive Branch in Afrin and now Manbij and is saying he and Turkey will not stop until “the games” being played on his border are defeated.

Looks like he is promising to continue his resistance to the Greater Kurdistan project which will certainly add a little incentive to the participants of the congress.

Below are a couple of highlights in terms of links to various news reports concerning the meeting and below that will be a link to a live stream of the meeting.

Sochi Congress participants mainly wish to ensure they defend territorial integrity of Syria

Sochi Congress participants should ‘rally around’ Syria’s unity, says delegate

Participants in the Sochi-hosted Syrian National Dialogue Congress on January 29-30 should rally behind the idea of a unified republic and launch talks to ensure the country’s territorial integrity, a member of the political bureau of the Syrian People’s Appeal party, Riyadh Tabara, said.

The People’s Appeal is part of the government’s coalition of parties but shares the opposition’s views.

One of the key issues at the congress is to preserve Syria’s unity and territorial integrity. For us this is a priority issue since we see that there are plans to dismember Syria on account of the US military presence on our soil,” he said. “We should be united around this key idea,” Tabara stressed.

The politician also voiced hope that the Sochi meeting would promote dialogue among all factions in Syrian society, especially between the government and the opposition. “Those in charge among the opposition’s ranks should understand that regardless of any differences, we must rally around the idea of a united Syria,” he noted.

As expected, there is a typical disinformation campaign already being run to undermine positive outcomes

Sources from Sochi: Drafts published on committees or final statement of National Dialogue Congress inaccurate

Sources from the Russian city of Sochi affirmed Monday that the drafts published here and there on the committees or final statement of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress which will start its preparatory works later today are “inaccurate at all.”

The sources clarified that publishing those inaccurate drafts aims at disrupting the conference, asserting that any “document to be proposed at the Congress, will be voted on and later it will be accredited.”

Also as expected, our friends the terror-supporting nations have decided to pull their assets from the talks

Revitalizing Geneva talks: All-Syrian National Dialogue Congress begins in Russia’s Sochi

The Saudi Arabia-based High Negotiations Committee (HNC), an umbrella body created back in 2016 to represent some of the Syrian rebel groups at the Geneva talks, has decided to boycott the Congress, just days before its launch. The group claimed it was supporting “credible political transition” in the Geneva format instead.

Meanwhile, Recep Erdogan has promised to fix the Greater Kurdistan problem his own way if a political solution cannot be reached

Erdogan: Turkey Will Clean Its Entire Border With Syria From Terrorists

Turkey started a military operation dubbed Olive Branch in Syrian Afrin on January 20 to protect its borders from Kurdish militia, considered by Ankara as posing a terrorist threat to the country’s security.

Addressing a congress of his ruling AK Party in the northern province of Amasya, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that Turkey would ensure that the Syrian refugees the country hosts could return to their homes after the border is cleared of militants.

Since the launch of the military offensive, Turkish forces have eliminated 394 Kurdish and Daesh fighters and the country’s aviation has destroyed 340 targets during the operation, as the country’s General Staff announced on January 27.

Meanwhile, the Syrian SANA news agency reported that about 86 civilians had been killed and 198 others wounded, adding that the assault had caused damage to civilian infrastructure, including residential areas and archaeological sites.

Here is a President Erdogan statement via video from Jan. 24th

the operation we have launched named olive branch to cleanse Afrin of terrorists is successfully underway. starting from Manbij we will continue foiling the games being played on our borders and we will cleanse our region completely of this trouble

This leaves the United States and it’s “everything for Israel” foreign policy mandate in a precarious position (remember… Condi Rice announced the “Birthpangs of a New Middle East” agenda in Tel Aviv in 2006)

The Greater Kurdistan project is a key foreign policy agenda of the Likudniks in Israel. I have written about that many times.

As a result of Turkey’s refusal to play ball with the US, Israel and NATO, the US is, ONCE AGAIN, laying groundwork for Turkish regime change operation on Fox News with bloodthirsty neocon John Bolton

“Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano: Judge Napolitano and former ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton”

Here is a link to the live feed of the actual congress being held in Sochi.

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