Neocon Influence Peddler Justin Raimondo Promoting Erdogan Regime Change Propaganda Like that of Israel and John Bolton

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Here’s a little flashback so you can see who Justin works with in his astroturfing projects:

Fuck Noam Chomsky: The Sellout is Helping Push for Regime Change in Turkey for Israel’s Greater Kurdistan Project

Recep Erdogan refuses to allow our glorious Kurds, the new Contras (or al Qaeda or ISIS), to bust off a piece of Turkey for the Greater Kurdistan project and he has said so in so many words recently when talking about Operation Olive Branch (link to that in my article from this morning).

After all we have learned and investigated over the years, it is obvious that we back the Kurds in their effort to bust off a piece of 1. Iraq 2. Syria 3. Turkey and 4 Iran, in that order, for Israel’s Greater Kurdistan project and that we have been doing this for a very long time.

And yet, as obvious as all of that is, Justin Raimondo of AntiWar is back at it again, drumming up support for the pending Recep Erdogan regime change effort with a new article on his website. He writes later in this piece that he “doesn’t back” another regime change but you read what he wrote and tell me what he backs:

“…Turkey’s formal status as a “democracy” is a joke: Turkish despot Recip Erdogan has just gotten through purging the country of any and all critics – newspaper editors and reporters are rotting in jail, dissident political parties are banned, recalcitrant judges are dismissed and arrested – after phony claims of a “coup” by the military against his increasingly authoritarian rule. There actually was no such coup: the whole thing was staged for the sole purpose of exposing his enemies so he could either jail them or kill them.

After canoodling with the jihadists who were trying to take over Syria, giving them sanctuary and financing them by buying their oil, he’s now taking credit for their defeat – which was actually accomplished by the Kurdish forces of the YPG – and declaring that he intends to march his US-financed army to the Iraqi border. In order to facilitate this, he’s commanded the US to step aside so as to pave the way for his triumphal march.

In short, Erdogan is a madman.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has proclaimed that we intend to stay in Syria “indefinitely,” in order to prevent a nonexistent threat from Iran. But what this really means is we’re there for as long as it takes the Turks to realize that their annexationist agenda in Syria is a nonstarter. US forces are in Syria to keep the Turks and the Kurds – deadly enemies – separated. That task, however, may very well stretch into infinity as long as Erdogan remains in power.” Justin Raimondo, neocon influence peddler

The lies and misrepresentations from Justin in that short clip from his latest article are mind boggling. You would have to be a special kind of ignorant to be a journalist these days and not know they are completely bogus.

I wonder if this is how Justin decided he would pay his healthcare bills now that he is sick.

Erdogan described as a “madman’ and a “despot”. The “bring democracy to Turkey” neocon warmongering myth is present as well. He claims there was no coup when we all know it did happen and the US was behind it (the Deep State was at least). The whole thing about Erdogan buying oil from “ISIS” when in fact as I have pointed out numbers of times, the oil was stolen from Syria, by our destablization campaign assets, allowed to be shipped through Kurdish controlled areas DOWN TO IRAQI KURDISTAN where they processed it and LOADED IT INTO IRAQI KURDISTAN GOVERNMENT TANKERS and shipped to Turkish ports AS PER THE AGREEMENT WITH TURKEY’S GOVERNMENT to then be shipped to ISRAEL. Turkey didn’t know it was stolen oil. All they knew was it was from the KURDS.

It was the Kurds and Israel and the United States who knew where it was from, not Erdogan. And any journalist worth a damn knows it.

Plus this lying warmongering neocon Raimondo then goes on too say the Kurds are the ones who defeated “ISIS”

That is remarkable.

The Kurds and the US allow “ISIS” to leave a location after they ethnically cleanse it so the Kurds can come in and take over. It was the Russian and the Syrians and the Iranians and the Turks who defeated “ISIS”… not the glorious ContraKurds.

This is a remarkable piece of disinformation campaign being offered up by Justin and it shows you just how much of a bought off POS he really is.

Just the other day John Bolton went on Fox News and was saying pretty much the same damn thing. That everything would be fine and dandy if Sulton Erdogan was gone from the Middle East equation. In my earlier article this morning I covered that and posted a link to it.

I also posted a link to an article I wrote back in December which showed the Israelis and certain prominent “Jews” (their choice of definition, not mine) were not ready to give up on the Greater Kurdistan project.

And then there is the whole thing about the Kurds and the Turks being “deadly enemies”

Many Kurds live in Turkey and have done so peacefully for generations and in fact most of them want to remain part of Turkey as Turkish citizens.

What this dickhead Raimondo doesn’t mention is the FACT that a SMALL GROUP of Kurdish separatists have been carrying out TERRORIST ATTACKS on the Turkish people, airports and police for YEARS in their effort to destabilize part of Turkey.

Raimondo here is taking the side of KURDISH TERRORISTS on behalf of YET ANOTHER US/Israeli REGIME CHANGE OPERATION and he damn well knows it.

More importantly, the Syrian National Dialogue Congress is starting up today and most writers, myself included, feel this thing is going to come to few conclusions OTHER THAN the fact that the vast majority of the Syrian people and even the Syrian opposition parties want the US out of Syria and to maintain the territorial integrity of their country. When that happens pressure on the United States to get out of their country is going to grow exponentially which will mark the end of the Greater Kurdistan project.

So the US and Israel can’t let that happen so what would you expect from them? More of the same currency of violence that they ALWAYS resort to.

And who do you think will be too blame? Who is the best new target for regime change?

“the madman Erdogan” of course.

And Justin is helping plant the justification seeds like a good little neocon Mockingbird should.

This kind of blatant propaganda would make anyone at the Times or the Washington Post blush with shame yet here we see it coming from a so-called “alternative” journalist like Raimondo and “AntiWar”?

It’s disgusting. I hope he got paid a lot of shekels for this one. I know he recently informed his readers he was sick with some form of cancer. Guess this is how he pays for his healthcare.

What a sickening NEOCON tool Justin Raimondo has become.

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4 Responses

  1. “Competition is a sin…”

    Anyone keeping pace with what’s going on in Turkey, the ME in general of late, and is also aware of the decades old “plan” launched from the expansionist boughs of the non-Jews, maybe Jewish, but sure as hell isn’t a religion but a cult, knows the anti-RainWar article and views on this issue are PropaCrap…!

    Now I’m gonna take my long-ass, run-on sentences & show myself the hell out…

    Well said, as usual Scott….

    PS Get better anti-RainWar…

  2. Hey Willy!

    I saw Andrew Korbyko has taken to labelling alt media sites (unnamed of course) but I suspect Justin Raimando and anti war would fall into the category of ‘fake alt news sites”- He must have had an awakening like I had a couple of years back. Lot of that kind of disinfo going on

    Willy “Raimondo here is taking the side of KURDISH TERRORISTS on behalf of YET ANOTHER US/Israeli REGIME CHANGE OPERATION and he damn well knows it.”

    He is indeed!

    Thankfully there are people like you and me Scott. Thankfully.
    I did a large post today covering just why it is Russia is cooperating with Turkey regarding Afrin..

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